Formjacking Attacks: Defention and How To Prevent It by@lauranutt

Formjacking Attacks: Defention and How To Prevent It

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Formjacking attacks are organized and executed by cybercriminals to steal payment forms with financial and banking information that can be directly captured from eCommerce websites on the checkout pages.

Formjacking is a type of cyber attack in which hackers inject malicious JavaScript code, most often in the form of a payment page, into the target website. 

When the malicious code is in operation, the malicious code sends the payment card number and other confidential details such as the name, address, and phone number of the user to the hacker when a customer enters their payment card information and hits the submission. 

This stolen information is sent to a server by hackers to reuse or even sell personal data on the dark web. When all this occurs, the victim is blissfully unaware of the compromise of their payment data.

Who Is Behind Formjacking Attacks?

Magecart is a club of hacker groups that have been behind numerous website attacks. Attacks on Ticketmaster, Feedify, British Airways, and Newegg are only a few of this consortium's examples of Formjacking. 

To steal payment card details or credit card information and other confidential information directly from online payment forms, the group injects web-based card skimmers into eCommerce sites.

How to Prevent Formjacking Attacks

  1. Make sure formjacking is well-versed by the IT professionals. 
  2. Use the new antivirus software; some, if not all, formjacking attacks can be prevented by using a reputable antivirus software. 
  3. Run scans and tests to search the systems for bugs and patch them until they can be identified by a cybercriminal. 
  4. Run a test to check for inconsistencies before releasing your app on the web any time the app gets a new update. 
  5. Do not forget to monitor the behavioral habits of your systems so that you can identify suspicious patterns and block the apps that can affect your system. Even with all prevention measures in place, the identification of formjacking attacks can still be extremely difficult. As an online business, however, you must have all the protocols in place to alert customers quickly in the event of such attacks. 

What Industries Are These Attacks Targeting?

To raise bigger profits, Magecart has been targeting eCommerce giants such as Ticketmaster, Newegg, and British Airways. 

Data from Symantec revealed that the affected websites are mainly online shopping sites for more comprehensive retail business operations, including small niche sites. Websites that were affected ranged from a fitness store to an outdoor accessory supplier.

How Do Businesses Secure Your Credit Card And Other Formjacking Information?

Before it attacks your device, you may not be able to stop formjacking, but you can take action to secure your private data. 

Use credit cards instead of debit cards to reduce financial risks when shopping online. The explanation behind this is clear. If anyone deceptively uses the credit card details or indulges in card fraud, the credit card companies' funds will be depleted.

Find out more about how the business can be impacted by this practice and how to avoid it.

Original Source: What is Formjacking Attack

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