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What does the reader do after a Hacker Noon story?

Hello, we’re making a functional design change. Hacker Noon is adding footers to the conclusion of every article. We are doing this to increase the rate at which readers reads another article.

The footer will include links to Facebook, Twitter, About, Home, Contribute, Email Contacts, Latest Tech Stories, Trending Tech Stories and Home. Previously, there was no way to contact the publication by email or social network at the conclusion of the article, and there was no direct access to a long curated lists of latest and trending tech stories. The design itself can be seen below. The design— like our defining blinding green — is simple, direct & a little obnoxious. We’re function first people.

For Hacker Noon contributors, from the first word of the title to the last word of the story, you control it. That’s how its been and thats how it will be. When the story ends, our priority is re-engaging the reader. After the story ends, footers will be there by default. There are two important things:

  1. We highly recommend inserting your own call to action above the footer. This can be linked to your business website, your personal website, your Twitter account, your LinkedIn account, your related stories, your Kickstarter campaign, your discounted product offer, your email collection embed form, your ebook, your webinar, your charity, your favorite hashtag, your bio, your GitHub repo, your job openings, your Patreon account, your Paypal account, your Bitcoin wallet, your upcoming class, a picture of your cat eating ice cream — whatever you want. By contributing to Hacker Noon, you’ve earned the right to choose a call to action for the reader who finished your story to consider. When someone has read your story, what do you want them to do next?
  2. If you’d like to opt-out of the footer after your Hacker Noon articles, you can. Whether it be design preference, or not wanting to promote the community in this way, it’s your call. To do so, either delete the footer yourself, or message us on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll change your contributor preferences. We hope for you to able to manage your contributor preferences online in the future, but for now, just message us, and your contributor preferences will be marked & honored.

Here is the footer

Note: for stories that have no feature images, the footer will just be text.

Getting Involved

If you’re a Hacker Noon contributor and you’d like to be a part of making these decisions for the community, please enter your email here to receive an invite to our upcoming contributor network. In order to grow up as a site, we will have to make more decisions like this, and we need help to do so.

This footer at the end of every story is a part of our push to make stories more actionable. When readers read more stories per visit and per month, every Hacker Noon contributor has more audience.


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