Food Tech Stories: How An Indian Ghost Kitchen Received $5M From An Indonesian Investor by@arthur.tkachenko

Food Tech Stories: How An Indian Ghost Kitchen Received $5M From An Indonesian Investor


Cloud kitchens are referred to as ghost kitchens, shadow kitchens, virtual, or dark kitchens. In any case, the essential idea is as yet the equivalent. Eateries have no physical space and are present online. Meals can be requested through food aggregator applications or through the eatery's own application, yet the eateries themselves don't have eat-in facilities. A couple of these eateries may likewise provide take-out services to their clients.


The present concept of the dark kitchen was laid down in India. Thus, Rebel Foods, supported by Sequoia, was the first to start the business. This is how Faasos appeared. Today, Rebel Foods has more than 9 brands and recently raised $125 million and is valued at $525 million. Faasos Food Services is an Indian "food on request" organization that was consolidated in 2011. The organization rebranded itself as Rebel Foods in 2018.

Rebel Foods works in Dubai and 34 of the biggest urban areas in India and takes client orders by means of its app and site. It is the main vertically coordinated food business in India and includes every one of the three phases of a "food on request" business: order, fulfill, order fulfillment.


Being #1 in its niche, it gets 10,000 requests per day across India and has recorded a development pace of 20-25 percent month-on-month. The organization has scaled up activities to 22 urban areas, with more than 125 fulfillment centers in three years.

Faasos or Rebel Foods raised its first round of financing of US$5 million from Sequoia Capital in November 2011, following a second round of US$20 million in February 2015 from Lightbox Ventures and Sequoia Capital. A third round of subsidizing got them US$30 million in December 2015.


Faasos has brought over ₹41 crores up in April 2017 out of an all-inclusive Series C round of subsidizing. Revolutionary nourishments, the parent organization of Fassos also brought them $125 million of subsidizing. In 2019 cloud kitchen Rebel Foods has received US$5 million from Indonesian ride-hailing major Gojek as part of the Mumbai-based company’s ongoing series D round. It makes it the largest cloud kitchen restaurant company, with over 1500+ restaurants and provides the service across 16 cities via online food delivery.

Read the whole story here: In brief: Indian cloud kitchen Rebel Foods secures $5m from Gojek

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