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Food Tech Stories: Amazing Dahmakan [Part 1]

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I need to finish ma platfom for foodies and recipe creators!

Dahmakan is a food-tech startup in Southeast Asia that carries a composed way to deal with food delivery. The organization offers chef-made meals at a cost lesser than other eateries.  

A Cloud Kitchen is something that is on the ascent in recent years. Individuals are burnt out on the traffic and the futile time spent out and about and afterward holding up in line in the café and afterward trusting that the nourishment will be cooked. Instead, you can order food from a cloud kitchen and appreciate the comfort of your home.

The distinction between Cloud Kitchen and the ordinary kitchen is that a cloud kitchen has no dine-in option. It is likewise not the same as an aggregator as it would sell through these aggregators or have its own requesting application and delivery framework.

Dahmakan is the project of previous representatives of Foodpanda-Jonathan Weins, Jessica Li, and Christian Edelmann. The essential reason for Dahmakan is to remove the mediator from the delivery and pass the incentive back to the shoppers. Dahmakan utilizes AI in coordinations and preparing mechanization to make the delivery reasonable to a great many office laborers in Southeast Asia.

The establishment of the startup's full-stack stage is a working framework that controls almost every progression of its tasks, from formula improvement to last-mile delivery, and its cloud kitchens are a piece of "satellite" centers put around various urban communities to be nearer to clients.

Rather than delivering from cafés, Dahmakan makes its own meals, offering around 40 choices every week from a database of 2,000 dishes. It chooses its week by week menu dependent on client information, including nourishment inclinations and ways of managing money, alongside statistical surveying.

In February the start-up team has announced that it has raised US$18 million in a Series B funding round led by Rakuten Capital.

The start-up is hoping to use proceeds from the subsidizing to assist its development in new and existing markets. The startup additionally plans to grow its administration group and dispatch new distribution channels, for example, inking associations with food delivery commercial centers and expanding the extent of its own delivery administrations.

Read the whole story here: Cloud-kitchen startup Dahmakan raises US$18m in Series B round

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