Flutter For MVP Development: Design Quick, Launch Fastby@spec-india
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Flutter For MVP Development: Design Quick, Launch Fast

by SPEC INDIAFebruary 12th, 2019
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Developing a new mobile app by evaluating your idea in isolation can be a disaster! It is necessary to get feedback at an early stage, in order to assess market willingness to purchase the product.

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Developing a new mobile app by evaluating your idea in isolation can be a disaster! It is necessary to get feedback at an early stage, in order to assess market willingness to purchase the product.

Building a Minimum Viable Product can be your saviour.

Minimum Viable Product: Why Businesses Should Adopt It?

The MVP is needed to validate the idea; it confirms the user’s interest in your product. The purpose of the MVP is to test the hypothesis by minimizing the errors.

On a lighter note, MVP is all about balancing what your business is offering to the users and what your users actually need.

Those That Adopt Minimum Viable Product Can:

  • Launch their product quickly within a stipulated budget
  • Find the right audience and save significant app development time
  • Improvise their product further by gathering the feedback about the product
  • Save time, money and resources by making sure that they’re investing in a product which is likely to be successful
  • Acquire a potential client base and find product’s early adopter

It is always preferable to start with the basic model and limited features. This approach is even followed by big companies.

How Dropbox, Uber, Airbnb Released Their MVP To Achieve Rapid Growth

  • Dropbox: The Company released a short video which explained the core feature of file sharing across their devices. They targeted only early adopters of technology and published a video through Digg. When the video was released, their beta sign-up went from 5000 to 75000 overnight.
  • Uber: It had a plain design; connected customers with the drivers and provided them with a credit card payment system. With the MVP approach, Uber focused on a small user base in San Francisco and use various MVP strategies to enhance their product.
  • Airbnb: It was started to offer apartments as cheap accommodation to travelers. They designed MVP with photos of their flat and got three paying guest for their house. Their approach was to focus on constant user feedback rather than adding unnecessary features.

However, most businesses fail to develop an effective MVP!

If Businesses Have Their Idea Validated, Then What Makes It Fail?


It is because they are unable to:

  • Identify customer’s need
  • Take care of platform compatibility
  • Implement the core features
  • Match the current technology trends

However, for any MVP to succeed in the competitive market, it is always necessary to have thorough research on customer’s need and must have a unique selling point.

Moreover, they must use evolving technology to improve their service, efficiency, and productivity.

Evolving Technology: One Of The Key Factors For MVP Success

Evolving technology streamlines, automates and scale your business processes; helping you to stay competitive. Most of them require less coding and less learning curve which saves much of the app development time.

So, are you looking for a technology that is evolving and has all the features necessary to build successful MVP?

Actually, there’re many technologies that fulfil the criteria of successful MVP development, but Flutter is one that stands tall. Alibaba, Google Ads, Hamilton Music, Tencent, JD Finance, and many more are already using Flutter to deliver superior-quality apps on iOS and Android.

Quick Overview: What Is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform development framework developed by Google to build high-performing native apps in iOS and Android both from a single codebase.

Here’s an introductory video by Google to take a look into what its latest offering is about.

To know more about How Flutter is helpful to the Appreneurs, read this article to get full-fledged information.

Although it was only launched in December 2018, it is being adopted by many organizations due to the enhanced features, bug fixes, widgets and much more.


Flutter Is Open Source, Which Is Great For MVP Development

This is because businesses:

  • Don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands on licensing fees to experiment
  • It has the support of a larger community
  • Helps to create app faster and solves most of the complicated task
  • Inbuilt tools and features are accessible via a powerful user interface which helps to create the interactive UI

Flutter For Mobile App Development: Paving The Way For MVP Success

Flutter is being used by developers, which proves that there is something unique in it that hasn’t been around before.

Let’s see the key benefits of developing MVP and How Flutter helps in achieving those.

MVP Helps In Developing Apps At Low-Cost: How Flutter Helps In Developing Cost-Effective Apps

Now cost no longer causes trouble for developing apps on both the platforms.

Because Flutter supports cross-platform app development, where developers just have to write one codebase for both the platforms. This becomes easier to work on both languages iOS and Android, and Appreneurs can have the same app for both the platforms.

It saves much of the cost because:

  • The code can be reused
  • Majority of the issues can be fixed in one codebase
  • The team only need to know one language

Moreover, it has access to the native app features, which helps to build a pixel-perfect app. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Flutter’s cross-platform app development support provides access to the mobile world with minimal time and money.

MVP Saves Time In Developing a Finished Product: How Flutter Helps To Build Apps Faster

With flutter’s hot reload feature, developers can see the changes done to the code in the app spontaneously. When the changes are made in the application, it is immediately visible to the developers which make the process easy and less time-consuming.

Developers, Designers, and Testers can work in good collaboration when they want to change the effect immediately and want enhancement in the app’s look. With Hot reload, developers usually takes seconds/minutes to add features, fix bugs and experiment faster as they don’t need to code entire new built.

MVP Attracts Investors: How Flutter Helps In Making An Attractive Design

The use of a rich set of UI features, the latest technology, and interactive designs always attracts the customers.

However, Flutter takes ‘Everything is a Widget approach’. It supports Material Design and Cupertino which is a collection of visual, behavioural and motion-rich widgets that make apps look beautiful on both iOS and Android device respectively.

What makes Flutter different is, it not only supports available widgets but also enables to generate customized Flutter widgets as per your need. Moreover, Flutter supports 2D GPU-accelerated APIs which makes app animation look smooth and attractive and helps to build rich UI and UX.

Its wide range of themes enables developers to create themes separately for Android and iOS device which renders the best UI on the specific device. This rich set of UI features helps in developing more user-friendly, easy-to-use and engaging apps.

With Minimum Resources, You Can Develop MVP: How Flutter Builds Apps With Faster Go-To-Market And Record Time

Flutter is integrated with Firebase!

Well, Firebase is a Google’s Backend-as-a-Service, with no server-side programming which results in quicker and easier development.

It contains several features such as Analytics, Authentication, cloud functions, crash reporting, hosting, cloud storage, real-time database and much more which enables to build powerful, secure and scalable apps using world-class infrastructure.

Due to such integrated tools, the organization doesn’t require resources to build back-end infrastructure; hence it becomes easy to build a Serverless app. With such features, the app can be released faster in less time.

Creating the MVP with the help of Firebase enables to run a successful business as Google is constantly improving Firebase; so that every feature corresponds to the latest tech trends.

Additional Benefits: How Flutter Is A Game-Changer For MVP Development

  • Developers can start Flutter development with a minimum learning curve
  • Flutter means less code. With Dart, 100% of the code is usually shared between iOS and Android apps.
  • Since, Flutter is Google’s initiative; it is completely reliable and has great support from the community.
  • It is easy to set-up and doesn’t require a powerful machine

On A Final Note: Is Flutter The Right Choice For MVP?

Each software product is unique and so is MVP. However, the Flutter community is developed by Google and is so vast that they can meet the need of any product, no matter what it is.

So, Flutter is the best bet:

  • If you want to get an actual running application with the use of evolving technology at cost-effective rates
  • If you are looking for sustainable development of applications with lightning-fast rendering and go-to-market features
  • If you are looking for a platform to paint the imagination into expressive UIs.

Flutter offers a great opportunity to build beautiful, high-performance and outstanding mobile apps which fits your custom needs and requirement. Hence, it is surely the best choice.

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