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Flixxo Is Like Popcorn Time But Legal And It Uses Blockchain Technology To Pay Users And Producers

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@cryptoresearchCrypto Research by William Thrill

Flixxo combines BitTorrents and smart contracts to create the first legal, decentralised content distribution network.

Is the creation of an all-star team with deep connections in both blockchain (creators of RSK Rootstock and Riecoin are core developers) and streaming platforms (Popcorn time designer is in the team).

Flixxo creates a P2P network where authors can distribute and monetise their own content. They inceltivize the distribution of their media and remove unnecessary intermediate parties by sharing their revenues with the “seeders” — a term coined in the torrents environment that refers to those who have downloaded content, keep it in their computer and share it.

Flixxo allows true end users to pay a fair price for watching licensed content in a friendly and safe environment.

In short, Flixxo aims to merge the best of P2P distribution networks with Video On Demand platforms like Netflix.

Valuable Information:

Coin Name : FLIXXO (FLIXX)

Total Supply : 189,151,329 FLIXX

Circulating Supply : 68,986,645 FLIXX

Market Cap : $7,477,118 USD

Pre Ico Price : 13% extra bonus to any investor sending more than 150 ETH

Ico Price : 1 FLIXX = 0.0934 USD (0.00023 ETH)

What real-world problems does it solve and which advantages it provides?

Production companies or content authors tend not to find a compelling revenue model for their work, and consumers find themselves committed to VOD (video on demand) services that don’t satisfy their demand for audiovisual content, so they seek that content on illegal, unlicensed networks.

The gigantic costs associated with the infrastructure necessary for storing and distributing content, in addition to the endless lines of intermediaries, result into an unreasonable final price for consumers and an inefficient revenue model for the authors.

How will Flixxo solve this?

By creating a distributed and incentivized peer-to-peer network where every user turns itself into a distributor of content, and by providing a decentralized payment channel, Flixxo gets rid of the middle-men and the infrastructure costs, building up a platform and a community where every author is able to upload content and set the rules of the distribution (such as the price and the incentives for users to share their work), developing new effective business models for his/her content, and where consumers may reach the content they ́re looking for in a legal manner, paying a fair price or even nothing if they are socially engaged with the community.

Flixxo literally rids the video industry of it’s most common problems.

The platform provides the perfect environment for content creators to distribute their final product and get paid directly by the users for it. Furthermore, hosting and distribution costs will a thing of the past as every single user has a monetary incentive to host and distribute their favourite content on a social P2P network that rewards them for it.

As mixture of a social P2P network and content distribution platform, Flixxo will revolutionize the way content is distributed and consumed. Its growth potential is unprecedented as it offers advantages to both consumer and producer alike.

Technology and how it works

By implementing Flixx (the token that carries value within the Flixxo platform) on top of a social video distribution platform they will engage users in helping improve the network by lending their storage and their bandwidth in exchange for tokens.

The users will spend Flixx for consuming the content they really want to watch, and earn Flixx back for participating, for being social. Whether​ ​it​ ​was​ ​a​ ​smartphone,​ ​a​ ​tablet​ ​or​ ​a​ ​desktop​ ​computer,​ ​even​ ​a​ ​smart tv,​ ​a​ ​video​ ​distribution​ ​community​ ​could​ ​smartly​ ​use​ ​a​ ​decentralized, incentivized​ ​peer-to-peer​ ​network,​ ​having​ ​no​ ​structural​ ​costs​ ​and unlimited​ ​scaling​ ​possibilities.

Users can earn more Flixx if they choose​ to watch advertisement.

This disrupting revenues flow model creates a new ecosystem in which users decide how to monetize their attention and personal information, and then transfer this earnings to the authors of the content they really enjoy. Within this model users reach the content they want to watch, authors monetize and deliver better quality content and advertisers find a way of effectively showcasing their content to their audiences.


One of the most important aspects of choosing a good investment opportunity in blockchain start ups is checking out the background of the team members. You are looking for a well staffed team that posses an existing track record, experience and connections in the industry they are working in.

Flixxo’s team has some very impressive names and relevant connections in the video production and P2P video streaming industry. A core designer of PopCorn time (one of the most popular P2P streaming apps in modern history) is just one of the all star group that makes up Flixxo’s core team.

Here’s a list of all team members and advisors for your consideration:






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