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Fixing the company I left — as-a-Service

When I was the CTO of The Netherlands’ largest property portal our development team was lean, and our ideas were big. That forced us to focus our development resources on our highest priority tasks: the quarterly next big thing or things that broke down.

That focus gave us visible progress, while also maintaining a high quality service level for our customers.

But the downside was that our sprints were always completely packed, and our backlog was quickly growing with the lesser priority, maintenance-like tasks.

We tried to make time for those tasks when we had some time available, but because the devs picked those tasks themselves, relatively more boring tasks were easily skipped over.

One of those recurring boring (yet imho important — see below) tasks that kept being queued-up and also re-appeared frequently in the backlog were changes to our company team page.

The company had a merger, we gained new sales people, promotions were made, the dev team re-shuffled, customer support was mixed with interns (a new batch every 6 months)… in total lots of HR mutations.

Meet our team, in mid-2016.

The company’s team page that is now served to the public is a snapshot of our team mid-2016 (and still awkwardly featuring me as CTO — after leaving in mid-2017).

But because I know what the root cause to this is, I know how to fix it! So I’ll be launching Teampage — my first build.amsterdam project — in beta with a handful of companies that recognise the value of a team page but hate the burden and resource costs to maintain it.

With Teampage, we help companies serve beautiful team pages, effortlessly. By investing in showcasing their team properly (making employees proud), we’re also clearing the dev backlog (making the developers happy) and have no more worries of serving out-of-date information on the team page (management and HR happy).

Teampage consists of a simple dashboard that allows the right people in the company to make changes to the company’s team page, without involvement of the dev team.

Mockup dashboard

The dashboard UI allows for easy team management, simple head shot upload, quick employee add and edit and full control on how to display your team on your website.

If your company team page doesn’t get the attention it deserves, as a pre-launch promotion, if you subscribe with Product Hunt’s upcoming below you will get early access and a 50% lifetime discount (in exchange for your feedback that helps us improve the service).

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