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Five Industries That Could See An Influx of Robots

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@AnnyKidKidron Hanna

The year is 2020, and everyone is excited about the unpredictability of its rollercoaster ride. We are all strapped in and are ready to go, but there are still some vacant seats. The rollercoaster refuses to set sail unless all seats are with occupants. We do not understand this seer nature of 2020 and why it is bringing these new terms and conditions into play. We, however, have some candidates in mind to occupy the vacant seats. Their inevitable existence has been in the shadow of our minds for some time. But now its time to let these cousins of ours into the fold. Enter the robots, and the 2020 rollercoaster ride commences. We as humans, however, insist that we captain the ship and must decide on which route the year should sail since we have more experience.

The year 2020 ended on a positive note with 2020 expected to introduce a wave of robotic phases. Everyone was excited about the Tokyo Olympics 2020 robotic debut that intended to make a statement about the new robotic era.

However, the surprise of the Covid-19 epidemic pushed the event to July 2021. The human prone industrial segments were also in a bit of disagreement on how fast the robots were taking over the industry. The manufacturing and retail sectors led the protest until Covid-19 showed its daring face. However, the onset of this fatal virus gives us more reasons as to why the robots are only our nemesis in the Terminator sequel movies and not in real life. It is no longer about fighting for a job opportunity but the survival and prosperity of the human race. We all at some point looked at robots as the workaholic that never tires nor complained, but now they are also our go-to safety net against pandemics like the Covid-19. More than ever, this pandemic has increased the trajectory need for robots in the fast-paced facilitation of goods and services. Thus the demand for robotic technologies is now higher than the thirst for oil and gold.

Let us step into some trends and opportunities in play:

1. Healthcare

The onset of the Covid-19 plague brought a dark cloud to our world. The robots and robotic gears have been vital in managing its spread and containment. Since the Coronavirus preys on human contact, the healthcare medical personnel had to find a way of treating the affected patients without too much exposure to the same patients and their environments. Thus issues like disinfecting the healthcare facilities and medical equipment can be thorough and efficient robots. Mass disinfection of affected areas with an isolated population can be effective through drones that can monitor, survey, and spray aerosol. Hence through robots, it is possible to run healthcare routines remotely.

The role of the healthcare robots need not stop at the Covid-19 level as it is a gateway to their permanent stay in the medical profession. They can be competent in assistive surgeries, record-keeping, and patient dosage monitoring. We already have the robotic nurses into the fold, and thus, it is safe to state that it is an excellent opportunity for the nursing homes for maximum healthcare.

2. Food and Nutrition

The most important lesson from the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic is that we need to be more vigilant in our social ways, especially when handling food. Hence it is prudent to get the assistance of a robotic arm nowadays as a safety precaution. Since we cannot rely on our hands to make coffee, especially in a public environment, the likes of the robots under Rozum Cafe are already a step ahead. They are in their own secret coded language telling us that Covid-19 might change our lifestyle, but it will never in any way affect the way we take our coffee. You only get to interact with such robots on your coffee venture and not risk human social contact masking the Covid-19.

Such robotic baristas are already causing ripples of excitement in the technological space. It is because they are the founding fathers of what is to come. We are already hearing simulations of robots making hot dogs. The mastery of foodservice robots in making snacks and appetizers will very soon lead them to a 5-course meal achievement. We are likely to drool every time a robot will step into the kitchen to prepare a meal.

3. Automobiles

Such a fast-paced journey into the robotic world requires the comfort of an automobile environment. The robots are peacefully yet aggressively invading the automobile industry with good intentions. We would no longer need a tire behind the starring wheel of a vehicle and risk getting into accidents. The self-driving cars are gaining more recognition. They are what the world needs to redefine its routes. The technological improvisation in the self-driving vehicles will help in analyzing the possibility of taking an alternate route through a decision-making algorithm in regards to traffic congestion and accidents along the way. They also have a hand in the delivery of medical supplies during this Covid-19 pandemic. Companies like Alibaba have robot prototypes for delivering ordered products from their online platforms. Thus we can comfortably state that our 1000 mile journey is purely robotic.

4. Retail

Since our presence in the public limelight is becoming scarce each day due to us being the favorite prey of the Coronavirus, it is only logical that the robots occupy some of this space for business to continue. The retail stores require a lot of record-keeping, invoicing, and fetching reports. Since the retail robots are the masters of this craft, they can fetch an item for a customer and update the records based on the numbers sold and those remaining. They, moreover, help the users and customers in discovering the location of specific products. These improvised robots also portray social traits like smiles and greeting customers on their way into the store. Their presence is no longer a prediction but a situation already in play.

5. Manufacturing

The manufacturing world continues to reap from the strength of long powered robotic arms. They are priceless in lifting tons of goods at warehouses and in effortlessly tackling tasks that might put human lives at risk. With industrialization seeking a rebirth this year, the manufacturing robots are at the frontline for a fast pacing task assignment. Fast production is the theme of their work ethics.

The year 2020 is trending with a lot of opportunities for some robotic candidates with an intension of fully transforming the industry.

So it would be wise to reserve a rollercoaster seat for a robot friend for they have earned their place in the human fold. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic came at us with everything it got and forgot about the robots that always have our backs from day one. It is thus a wake-up call, and we should be wary. Covid-19 was not the last attack on humanity, but it is the last attack to surprise us. With robotic technology as our prime weapon, any social or economic warpath should be afraid of us. The robots are creating for us a blissful technologically-driven future with all expenses paid; we just need to say yes to the offer.


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