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Five Fantastic Reasons Why Entrepreneurs should Switch to iOS 12

August 19th 2018

Apple’s Craig Federighi has claimed about iOS 12 that they are doubling down on performance in the recent WWDC event. Looking at its public beta version, his claim appears to be true. Though the latest version has no any outstanding features it gets succeeded in eliminating all the glitches of iOS 11. In other words, iOS 12 is not a splashy release like its predecessors, but it is capable of offering a seamless performance across the iPhones and iPads.

When it comes to enterprise-grade iOS apps, an iOS app development company strives to leverage all the benefits offered by the iOS platform. With the advent of iOS 12, entrepreneurs can expect more powerful apps that can run seamlessly across various models of iPhones and iPads. Here we give five compelling reasons to switch to iOS 12 or make their apps compatible with iOS 12:

#1 Old iPhones becomes faster

With up to 40 percent faster app launch and up to 50 percent faster keyboard opening, the latest iOS 12 is all set to empower the latest iPhones. But, the good thing is: these major improvements are not limited to the upcoming iPhones.Older iPhones ranging from iPhone 6+ as well as iPads like iPad Air can run faster thanks to these performance enhancements.

Business apps compatible with iOS 12 can open more swiftly while working seamlessly across the older iPhones and iPads as well. As iOS 12 offers a broad device support, thousands of millions of iPhone and iPad users will go for updating their devices. In such a scenario, entrepreneurs can bring a long-lasting business mobile application.

#2 Notifications are getting better

‘Notifications’ is Android’s one of the best features, and Apple has imitated it intelligently in the iOS 12. The version brings group notifications feature that enables busy employees to track incoming messages, app-related reminders as well as daily tasks. The users can also assign levels to notifications regarding their importance with this feature.

‘Downtime’ is another useful feature that restricts the device to make or receive the phone calls and use certain apps defined by the user. While promoting BYOD and mobility at the workplace, entrepreneurs can utilize this feature to prevent any adverse impact of iPhones and iPads on the productivity and capability of employees during working hours.

#3 Siri becomes stronger with “Shortcuts”

Siri is one of the most promising virtual assistants. The new ‘Shortcuts’ has made it more useful for both enterprise users and customers. Now, it is easy to automate the work and personal activities with Siri’s extended capabilities. The Shortcuts feature enables the users to program a series of actions related to the main activity.

As Siri gets much smarter in iOS 12, the app enables entrepreneurs to avail the benefits of machine intelligence.

#4 More control over the phone usage

With our growing dependence on smart devices, it is necessary to get more control over the usage. Apart from app limitations, the iOS 12 has expanded the concept of Do Not Disturb mode. Now, this feature is known as ‘Do Not Disturb During Bedtime’ that will stop on-screen notifications along with the phone’s ringer and vibrations. It helps the users to maintain the work-life balance.

What’s more, the new iOS 12 comes with activity usage reports that can give the users all the details of their online activities using the iPhones or iPads.

#5 Arrival of AR (Augmented Reality) for Business

The advent of ARKit 2 has expanded the reach of a futuristic AR technology beyond games. The multi-person support and capacity of sending AR-based objects inside Messages and Mail are two features that can revolutionize the way developers use Augmented Reality in the business apps. Measure, a new AR app, also comes to open the doors of new opportunities for enterprise iOS app development.

Entrepreneurs can now utilize the AR for developing training guides, operational procedure, field guides and like through an iOS 12-based application.

Apart from these reasons, the iOS 12 has many other things to offer for the enterprise users. For example, the latest iOS version has maintained the tradition of enhanced security features by introducing two-factor authentication, extended support for third-party password managers, and other privacy improvements.

That’s it for now! You can hire iOS app developers to leverage the benefits of this iOS version in a cost-effective way. Whether you have an iOS app or you have an app idea for the iPhone and iPad-using audience, you can contact a reliable iPhone app development company to get an iOS 12-compatible enterprise application.

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