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Find out Which Startup is Winning in Your City

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"Whether you think you can, or think you can't--you're right." - Henry Ford


Startups of the Year, 2021

Hello there, Hacker,

Vision, strength, determination, resilience… these are all key building blocks to moving the world forward. People with these skills create solutions, not only muse about problems.

The Startups campaign celebrates the baby companies created by the thinkers and doers that – regardless of what life tossed at them this year— have taken the situation by the horns and came out of it with a business plan and the balls (etc.) to launch it.

I decided to highlight a few of the startups doing well so far. Below is a mini list of some companies in the running with concepts that I personally find interesting!

Head on over to to cast your vote, nominate a startup (maybe even yours), or simply browse the cool things that people are doing in your city.

Startups voting and nominations are still open, so go vote and nominate now! You can vote on as many cities as you like, but you only get one vote per city.

Key Details:

  • 4,553 cities.
  • 37,689 startups.
  • 152,672 votes.


North and Central America

Representing North and Central America in New York City, New York, currently trending in second place we have:


Inpher has pioneered cryptographic Secret Computing® technology for secure, privacy-preserving analytics and machine learning.

The total amount of votes cast for the city is 4343.

Thank you to Brex for sponsoring this category.


Representing Oceania as a currently trending Startup in  Sydney, Australia we have:


Amazing video and image editing API infrastructure as a service startup that allows you to generate video and images at scale.

The total amount of votes cast for the city is 960.

Thank you to Bybit for sponsoring this category.

Read more about Sydney below:

Sydney remains the capital of fintech in Australia with over 50% of fintech domiciled in New South Wales. The city is ranked 30th in the Global Ecosystem Talent with $768 million total yearly stage funding, followed by $11 bn startup ecosystem value.


Representing Europe as the current top trending Startup in Budapest, Hungary we have:


Bitrise is a platform for mobile app development, enabling tens of thousands of developers to automate integration, testing, and deployment.

There have been 30,046 votes cast for this city!

Thank you to Free Ton for sponsoring this category.


Representing Asia as the current top trending Startup in Tel Aviv, Israel we have:


Applitools delivers a Next-Generation Test Automation Platform through Visual AI and Ultrafast Test Cloud. Applitools' Visual AI uses computer vision algorithms, enabling engineering teams to rapidly write, run, analyze, and maintain tests to ultimately release high-quality applications at incredible speed and reduced cost.

There have been 1701 votes cast for this city.

Thank you to Udemy for sponsoring this category.

Read more about Tel Aviv below:

Seventy-three percent of Israeli startups are based in Tel Aviv, and 79% of all industry jobs in Israel. A startup employee in Tel Aviv makes on average NIS 22,100 (approximately $6,390) a month, twice as much as the country’s general average wage.


Representing Africa as a current trending Startup in Johannesburg, South Africa in fourth place, we have:

Wilderness Safaris

Wilderness Safaris is a company that protects wilderness areas with the flaura and fauna in their areas.

There have been 882 votes cast for this city!

Thank you to Bybit for sponsoring this category.

South America

Representing South America as the top trending startup in Porto Alegre, Brazil we have:

Privacy Tools

Privacy Tools is a privacy compliance platform, based on AI/Blockchain, which helps global companies to keep compliant with the data protection requirements.

There have been 88 votes cast for this city.

Thank you to Bybit for sponsoring this category.

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This post was written/compiled by Ellen Stevens.


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