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Find.Exchange on Blockchain

Find.Exchange on Blockchain

Our aim: A Decentralised Global Comparison Money Transfer Platform Based on Blockchain for Fiat/Crypto Currencies

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About us

We offer the everyday user a powerful aggregator, a search and comparison engine for Foreign Currency, Money Transfers
in Fiat/Crypto and Prepaid Currency Cards. We find and compare best exchange rates, speed, offers, rewards… by
comparing online money transfer, card providers, banks, FX bureaus, post offices, travel agents, supermarkets and more…

For our partners we are an ideal marketplace; an advanced SAAS platform on the cloud to help them reach to online
desktop and mobile users around the world. Merchants can manage their business and services via their online account,
like: add branch(s), currencies they deal with and countries they deal in, publish and update currency rates, live chat with
users, view ratings and answer reviews, publish advertisement through bidding system and receive monthly analysis on
business performance, market and competitors and last with all this information and last as one our USP’s, we are able to
offer the them an automated dynamic API to offer to other 3rd party companies by simply clicking on a button.

Our current platform:

What makes Find.Exchange different from our competitors, is that we have over 33 top international partners registered
on their platform. We have created a platform as a Software as a Service (SAAS platform) where our partners can
manage their own a Customer Management System (CMS) platform and users can compare transfer companies through a
transparent and easy-to-use platform fed by information direct from the merchant.
The currency comparison industry currently relies on an out-dated aggregator model through an affiliate partnership
program, it relies heavily on communication from partners and the aggregator, it’s not transparent, it has high
drop-out rates and it’s not scalable.

Key Features:
• Comparison engine (Rates, Speed of Transaction Delivery, Offers, Cash-back, Rewards, etc);
• Real up to date information on partners information and live rates;
• One-for-All KYC and AML checks;
• Excellent user experience, intuitive and Easy of use;
• Available in multi currencies and adapted to multi-languages;
• We are cross-platform;

Our partners:

We have over 33 top currency exchange providers/money transfer companies partnered with us, companies such as
Western Union, XpressMoney, Moneycorp, WorldRemit, Transferwise, Azimo, TransferGo, CurrencyFair, Lebara Money,
Currency Direct, HiFX, Halo, OFX, Skrill, Currency Solutions, FC Exchange, XendPay, RationalFX, FairFX, Covercy, Netteler,
TransferZero, InstaRem, Thomas Cook, FreemarketFX, WeSwap, Revolut, Eurochange, ICE International Exchange
Currency, Change Group, ACE-FX and many more coming.

Our reach:

For Money transfers we are global with our registered partners primarily based in the UK, Europe, United States, Australia
and now expanding to Russia, CIS and South East Asia.
For our Cash section (Foreign Currency Exchange) we are in the UK and Europe including top travel destinations like
Spain, France and Germany. We are expanding our European reach, United States, South East Asia.
We are always continuing to expand into new countries and cities on an every 2-week basis.


Subscribe -https://blockchain.find.exchange

Whitepaper — https://blockchain.find.exchange/whitepaper.pdf

Teaser — https://blockchain.find.exchange/teaser.pdf

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Bitcoin Talk: FindExchangeICO

Twitter: https://twitter.com/findexchange

Medium: https://medium.com/@findexchange

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@findexchange

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/FindExchange

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/findexchange

Instagram @find.exchange

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/findexchange/



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