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@bussgangJeff Bussgang

Today is international women’s day. There are many great initiatives going on to help raise visibility for this important day, including #StartWithEight, an initiative to encourage male VCs to meet with more female entrepreneurs, which we wrote about here.

In celebration of international women’s day, I wanted to highlight a few female VCs in their 20s and 30s who entrepreneurs and other VCs should know — but may not because they are earlier in their careers — and should be looping in to their deal flow.

I know and admire each of these VCs and think they are terrific investors. If any entrepreneur wants an introduction to any of them, let me know. Apologies if I missed anyone who I’m friends with (age cutoff, notwithstanding) — in fact, please let me know if I’ve missed you and I’ll make sure to add you to the list!


  • Payal Agrawal Divakarin, .406 Ventures
  • Natalie Bartlett, General Catalyst
  • Eveline Buchatskiy, OneWay Ventures
  • Monique Guimond, The Engine
  • Paulina Hill, Polaris
  • Galit Krifcher, Battery
  • Lily Lyman, Underscore
  • Anna Palmer, XFactor
  • Sophia Popova, Summit
  • Elizabeth de Saint-Aignan, Jump Capital
  • Parul Singh, Founder Collective


  • Britt Danneman, Alpha Edison
  • Effie Epstein, Sound Ventures
  • Dani Haber, 3L Capital
  • Leah Volger, Bonfire


  • Seema Amble, Goldman Sachs Growth
  • Hayley Barna, First Round
  • Lisa Cuesta, NextGen
  • Nisha Dua, BBG
  • Merrit Hummer, Goldman Sachs Growth
  • Nimi Katragadda, Box
  • Melody Koh, NextView
  • Divya Nettimi, Viking Growth
  • Aubrie Pagano, XFactor
  • Nicole Sanchez, XFactor
  • Caitlin Strandberg, FirstMark
  • Ellie Wheeler, Greycroft
  • Liz Whitman, XFactor


  • Medha Agarwal, Redpoint
  • Erica Brescia, XFactor
  • Ooshma Garg, XFactor
  • Yael Gilboa, DBL Partners
  • Kanu Gulati, Khosla
  • Christine Kang, General Atlantic Partners
  • Anna Khan, Bessemer
  • Jessica Mah, XFactor
  • Lisa Marrone, August Capital
  • Maya Noeth, TCV
  • Yasmin Razavi, Spark Growth
  • Kimmy Scotti, 8VC
  • Kathleet Utecht, Core Innovation

These are just a few off the top of my head. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments!



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