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Express vs Laravel

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So, I have worked with Laravel for long time. But now I switched to Express.js. They are different frameworks. After Laravel, Express.js for me is misunderstanding. Laravel is full stack framework, meawhile Express.js — only middleware. Need spend more time, that to find new modules. If I would like to work with MySQL over ORM, I need to find a ORM module like Sequelize. If I think about authorization — need something like Passport. But it can’t encrypt/decrypt password… Need for me a bcrypt module too.

But Expressjs gives choice for new modules. It is fast, because it have not unnecessary modules. I like Node.js and Express.js. Express.js works faster than Laravel for me. Node.js compiles code to native machine code.

I think Node.js have future. Now with it works big companies like BBC, Paypal, Ebay, Linkedin, Netflix.


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