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42 Stories To Learn About Expressjs

by Learn RepoApril 30th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Expressjs via these 42 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Expressjs via these 42 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How To Create A Template Engine Using JavaScript

A tutorial on creating a JS template engine with parsing and precompilation.

2. Defining Types: Using allOf in Swagger JSON

Image by Devanath from Pixabay

3. How to Setup a NodeJS App with Express And TypeScript

In this article, I want to show you How to set up a Node Express with TypeScript like a PRO.

4. Express-js Boilerplate with User Authentication

I couldn’t find a complete user authentication system for Expressjs, so I wrote this one.

5. How to Scrape Data From Any Website With JavaScript

Learn how to scrape the web using scripts written in node.js to automate scraping data off of the website and using it for whatever purpose.

6. How to Create a BNB Payment Gateway with NodeJS & ExpressJS on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Today, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have changed a lot of traditional methods and solutions.

7. How to Use Session in Node.js

We can store the user’s session in database, files or server memory. In this tutorial we will learn how to use session in Node.js.

8. How to Get Started With a Clean Architecture Template for NodeJS, Ts.ED and TypeScript

🔰🦸 Template to start developing a REST API with Node.js (Express), TypeScript, Ts.ED, ESLint, Prettier, Husky, Prisma, etc.

9. Build Simple Express Js Application in 1 Minute with create-express-app

Express.js is one of the most popular back-end frameworks nowadays, which lots of people find useful to learn. After mastering the theory, it comes the time to start the practice, and then it may seem a little bit difficult, how to start. But creating your first Express.js application doesn’t have to be so complicated. Let’s start...

10. How to Build a Full Stack Zoom Clone Using Node JS, Express, and Peer JS

Hello guys, recently I created my own clone of Zoom using Node js, Express, Peer JS. Here's how to do it!

11. How to Build Your First NodeJS Server with ExpressJS

Initialize the project:

12. Build Your Own Chatbot Using Webex and NodeJS

As hybrid work grows, more industries need developers to build ChatOps tools—like chatbots. In this tutorial, we'll build a Webex chatbot with Node.js.

13. The Lightweight Alternative to GraphQL, Resolvers Instead of Endpoints

While I generally liked the approach of having a single API endpoint and resolvers, the overhead of setting up and maintaining a GraphQL server was too much.

14. Get Started Building your First MERN Application - Step by Step

I am sure that when you first begin learning full-stack web development using the MERN stack, you will have questions.

15. How to Get a Cookie’s Expiry Value on a Server

Browsers handle cookie expiry so they don’t pass the cookie’s expiry value to the server.

16. Along Came HERN Stack

The HERN stack stands for HarperDB, Express, React, and Node, the four technologies that make up this particular stack, and they’re all written using JavaScript

17. Tutorial: Geotagtext, a Free Geotagging Web Application

Geotagtext is a free demo webapp that uses geolocation to make make geotagging easy. This tutorial shows how to use Heroku, Mapbox, Firebase, to make it happen.

18. Upload Files Easily and Quickly in NodeJS Using Astro

How to upload files with Astro, express and multerjs

19. The Advantages of Using REST API with Amplication for Your NodeJS Apps

In this article, we will discuss how to develop a REST API in NodeJS, as well as some of it's advantages when done with Amplication.

20. Creating RESTful Web APIs With Node.js And Express: You Can’t Mess Up The Right One

One of the main reasons for using Node.js is that you can create quickly RESTful web APIs with it. Express is a popular web framework helping you with this task. Using JavaScript to build servers is often a natural choice for frontend developers looking for a way to reuse their skills and create the APIs supporting their web app, but that's not the only benefit of using Node.js. The huge package ecosystem around Node.js and Express is what makes it shine, allowing to implement a lot of business features with very few lines of code.

21. Autoscaling Node.js Image Transformations Using Sharp and Express

Here's a simple example of how you can automate scaling image transformations. Tech used: Node.js, Sharp, Express. App platform: Zerops

22. A 4-min Introduction To Restful APIs

API (Application programming interface), an intermediary between two or more services, provides a set of rules that define communication between services

23. How to Create a Serverless API Using AWS Lambda and Node.js with TypeScript and Express.js

An example application using the Node.js with TypeScript and Express.js where a serverless API will be implemented and deployed on the AWS Lambda service.

24. Tutorial: How to Quickly Set up NodeJS Server

NodeJS is a popular framework of JavaScript used for back-end web development. And for this, a server is as important as the backbone to a human body. So in this tutorial, we'll learn how to quickly set up a nodeJS server.

25. How To Get Page Views From Google Analytics via a Netlify Serverless function

After getting my blog up and running I recently decided to add Google Analytics to it, to understand what content people were most interested in. At first this was amazing as I could see which blog posts were getting the most traction, but after a while it became a bit of a pain to log into my Google Analytics dashboard when all I wanted was to quickly see the page view count of a blog post.

26. How One ExpressJS Programmer Visited Go Land

I describe why Fiber it's really a good start for learn Go when you have experience in ExpressJS, what similarities and differences to expect, and what things I learned when building my first API on Go.

27. How To Create a URL Shortener using MongoDB And Node

Let us learn about MongoDB, Mongoose, Node, and other tech by building a simple URL shortener project.

28. Build a Chat Room With and Express

In this article, we are going to create a chat application that connects people, anonymously, to different rooms together in pairs of two.

29. How to Add Auto Caching to Your JS Template Engine

Adding auto caching to our JS template engine: How Caching Works with JS Template Engines; Changing Your Render Function.

30. Basic Guide To Building Microservices With MongoDB, NodeJs, And Express

Most of us have gone through tough times where you have a large scale application which has a bunch of features, API integrations, database connections, etc. New features and updates get released, and of course you need to fix the bugs and maintain the code.

31. A Quick Guide to Handling Express.js Errors in Your Application

A simple guide on how to handle errors efficiently in expressjs applications with scalability, performance, stability in mind.

32. MEAN Stack Development: All That You Need To Know

Web development is not the same it was in the early internet age. It is a fast-paced and diverse environment. With the continuous advancements in frameworks, programming languages and tools, it becomes difficult to choose the “right” tech to ensure rapid, accurate and secured web application development.

33. 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Connect Express.js And AWS Lambda

Some facts why usage Express.js inside AWS Lambda is pitiful design anti-pattern and how to give it up without pain.

34. How to Write & Organize Node.js API Tests the Right Way

An architecture for writing and organizing your Unit & Integration Tests for Node.js REST APIs using Jest, Supertest & Chai.

35. HTTP For Beginners - Part 2: Responses

In this part of the series, I'll demonstrate generating HTTP responses from a simple Node.js Express server.

36. Best Tools For Building Your First MERN Application

Top tools to use when building your next awesome web application using the MERN stack

37. Next.js: Firebase Authentication and Middleware for API Routes

Recently I made a small web app that requires user accounts. I learned quite a bit about setting up authentication with Firebase on the client-side and using it on the server-side to protected API routes with a middleware pattern similar to Express.js. This post is a recap of what I learned based on this project for future reference. You can find the code for this project on GitHub here.

38. Tutorial: Create, Host, and Deploy An LWC Open-Source Application From Scratch

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about the end-to-end process of creating an LWC open source application from scratch, hosting it on Github Pages, and deploying it to Heroku.

39. How to Add Knex to ExpressJS Apps and Connect to a Postgres Database

Express is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for building backend APIs and Postgres is a really popular relational database. How do we connect them?

40. Mocha+Chai: Writing a reusable Test Suite for an expressjs/mongoose API

Here is a workable, reusable way to test an expressjs/mongoose application.

41. How to Quickly Generate Microservices with Yeoman

A quick guide to creating a Yeoman generator for building microservices with an example of Express.js and Typescript app.

42. Backend Performance Best Practices: Running and Monitoring Express.js in Production

What is the most important feature an Express.js application can have? Maybe using sockets for real-time chats or GraphQL instead of REST APIs? Come on, tell me. What’s the most amazing, sexy, and hyped feature you have in your Express.js application?

Thank you for checking out the 42 most read stories about Expressjs on HackerNoon.

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