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Exploring Islam's Connection with the Blockchain by@adamboudj

Exploring Islam's Connection with the Blockchain

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Blockchain and Islam share striking parallels, both built on trust, transparency, and integrity: Immutable Records: In blockchain, each transaction is recorded permanently. The Quran, memorized by ‘hafidh’, stays unaltered over centuries. Decentralized Validation: Blockchain uses ‘Proof of Work/Stake’ to confirm transactions. Similarly, the Quran has a ‘Proof of Recitation’ system during recitations. Public Ledger and Collective Review: The Tarawih prayer during Ramadan is akin to blockchain’s group validation. Both ensure no falsehood can be inserted unnoticed. Trust: Blockchain relies on transparency for trust. Islam has ‘Amanah’, teaching responsibility and trustworthiness. Chain of Truth: The blockchain creates a traceable chain of transactions, much like the passing down of Hadiths in Islam. Consensus Systems: Blockchain needs consensus of nodes. Islam has ‘Ijma’, requiring scholars to agree on significant matters. Decentralized Guarding: Quran preservation and resistance to ‘51% attack’ in blockchain display strength of decentralized systems. This crossroads of an age-old tradition and a new technology highlight the enduring relevance of timeless principles in our digital age.
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