Explore Why You Should Include AI in Your Recruitment Strategy by@ericasmith

Explore Why You Should Include AI in Your Recruitment Strategy

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Do you know that HR managers don't treat all candidates the same way?

Recruiters often make biased decisions. Most of them do it unintentionally, however, this can create situations that deviate from well-intentioned policies.

For instance, a study showed that applicants with white-sounding names received an astounding 50% more job interview requests than job seekers with African-American names. You can find tons of similar examples related to gender, ethnicity, and so on.

But it can change thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Data science consultants have already found ways to help businesses achieve workplace diversity through AI recruitment. This is extremely important because diversity leads to increased creativity, productivity, reputation, and marketing opportunities.

In this post, we will analyze the impact of AI recruitment on workplace diversity.

What is AI Recruitment?

AI recruitment represents the use of artificial intelligence to screen and assess job applicants.

AI recruitment tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze resumes and job applications to identify candidates who are most likely to be a good fit for the role.

The use of AI for recruitment has become increasingly common in recent years as businesses seek to reduce the time and cost of recruiting new employees.

By using AI-based tools, companies can automate the process of screening resumes and identifying qualified candidates.

This allows hiring managers to focus on assessing candidates' qualifications rather than reviewing hundreds or thousands of resumes.

Reports prove this point because 35% of talent professionals and hiring managers believe AI in talent acquisition is the top trend impacting how they hire.

How Will AI recruitment Impact Workplace Diversity?

Now you know what AI recruitment is, but how does it impact workplace diversity? It turns out that AI tools allow recruiters to discover the best talent and overcome hiring bias.

Below are five ways AI recruitment helps companies build diverse and versatile teams.

Broader Talent Pool

The most obvious impact of AI recruitment is that businesses can tap into the broader talent pool and hire more diversely.

AI can perform talent searches that are more comprehensive and less biased than what a human is capable of.

For instance, they are less likely to miss out on the best talents because of unconscious bias.

AI recruitment tools can analyze millions of resumes and identify the most relevant ones, filter out unqualified candidates quickly, and connect with the best talent in an efficient way.

This is an obvious advantage because it will help businesses hire more diversely and enrich their workforce.

It allows you to fine-tune your applicant screening process. To put it simply, this approach helps businesses identify and recruit candidates who are more likely to be a good fit for the role.

Metrics Vs. Prejudice

AI companies create HR tools that screen out candidates who are less likely to perform well in the role.

This allows hiring managers to focus on assessing the top candidates' qualifications rather than reviewing all resumes.

Such an approach helps you hire quality employees because AI promotes applicants based on their merits.

That way, you don't even get the chance to rely on personal prejudices about what makes a good employee. Rather than considering gender or ethnicity - consciously or unintentionally - recruiters will assess candidates based on their skills.

Create Precise DEI Benchmarks

DEI stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

It is a framework that provides an understanding of how organizational culture, individual behaviors, and systems work together to either support or hinder equity and inclusion.

Most companies are trying to follow DEI initiatives, but only a handful do so efficiently.

With the help of AI, you can create precise DEI benchmarks to help you improve your organization's diversity.

This is an essential aspect because it helps businesses build diverse teams with employees who are more than just tokens or checkboxes on their DEI forms.

For instance, recruiters can use AI tools to create precise job descriptions that don't discourage job seekers to apply.

AI is Diversity-Friendly

When large portions of the hiring process are automated, they create a more diverse workforce. That means that AI makes an entire organization diversity-friendly in the long run. How come?

Well, it's easy to see your organization and all of its members getting used to colleagues with different backgrounds long-term. We are talking about all kinds of differences, including gender, ethnicity, race, religion, and similar.

This is a crucial benefit because it makes sure you meet the company's diversity goals and create a culture of inclusivity.

Track HR Performance

Since AI recruitment tools provide more comprehensive results than manual candidate searches, they will make you notice patterns in the types of people you hire.

You can use this information to identify actions that will eventually increase diversity in your team.

It is evident that AI recruitment solutions allow you to assess HR performance and identify which factors contribute to increased diversity.

This data is essential because it helps recruiters set the right priorities and focus on making more informed decisions.

Benefits of AI Recruitment

Achieving workplace diversity through AI is beneficial for a number of reasons. First of all, diverse teams proved to make better business decisions. For example, a team with diverse backgrounds and knowledge provides a broader perspective and helps avoid groupthink.

It's a natural consequence of versatility since more diverse teams excel at solving problems, making decisions, and taking action.

The second benefit is that your company can improve its reputation among other organizations and job seekers. It not only makes a good impression but also works as a career marketing tool.

After all, a good reputation may attract the best industry professionals and convince them to join your team.

Ultimately, AI recruitment and diversity will lead to a higher profit.

When you have a diversified workforce, your company will be able to address a wider range of markets and offer more specific services to each market. In the end, this means increased sales that will keep the company afloat in tough competitor environments.


Recruitment is a challenging task that can take up a lot of time when done manually. It also suffers from hiring bias, which is why companies are turning to HR tools for improved work tracking.

The use of AI in recruitment leads to improved diversity, benefiting businesses both internally and externally. It improves your team's decision-making skills, boosts performance, and increases productivity. This means that candidate searches become more accurate, fast, and precise.


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