Examining Apps That Help Your Business Growby@jemindesai
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Examining Apps That Help Your Business Grow

by Jemin DesaiJune 14th, 2022
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A comprehensive overview of the top-performing apps, supporting the organizations in improving and automating business processes, driving more sales!

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Every day we all use several applications for personal and professional purposes.

Some of them are available from recent years, and some we have started using in 2022 to comply with current market curves. Moreover, companies hire application developers to craft business solutions for handling multiple projects or internal business operations.

However, there are some top-performing applications that you can utilize to fulfill business requirements. So, let's read further about the top apps gaining popularity and complying with application development trends 2022.

Unfolding the Top Mobile App Developments Ruling in 2022


Managing projects and streamlining all tasks is an essential task for every team. Every operation holds some sub-tasks, from designing to testing and maintenance. And, for efficiently handling them, you can use Trello, a project management tool.

It provides a graphical user interface for creating a dedicated portal known as Trello Board for every project.

You can create different lists on every board and add cards to them with task names, files, descriptions, and due dates. Following this, teammates can upload the final files to the same card or move them to the appropriate list.

In addition, Trello allows users to directly upload files from system storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other cloud storages. Moreover, it provides the Butler mechanism, aiding teams in automating tasks, such as managing the due dates, changing card labels, and adding a new teammate.

In 2022, many organizations will be utilizing it to maintain collaboration between remote workers.

Google Meet

Most of us got to know about Google Meet during the pandemic. However, various companies were using it before for their daily business operations.

It is a video-conferencing application aiding the users to conduct meetings with 90+ participants and streamlines it on a global base under a single domain. Starting a session with Google Meet is a three-step process. You have to define the time and date, share the link, and participants can then join.

Additionally, it is available for both desktops and mobile devices and comes with different versions for personal, business, and Google Workspace admins.

Besides this, it offers unlimited meetings, lives captioning, overall meeting preview, dedicated hots controls, customizable layouts, and screen sharing. And to maintain the data security, it encrypts every connection according to ISO standards and enables anti-abuse filters by default.


For creating static graphics, presentations, book covers, blog covers, short videos, and GIFs, Canva is an all-rounder designing platform.

It provides multiple templates, stickers, font styles, and animations, helping the companies to create attractive logos, posters, and more to increase user engagement. In addition, it allows to directly download the graphic file to the system or publish it online.

Besides this, you can also add sound effects to your videos to provide a soothing and engaging experience to all end-users.

Some of its primary features include background removal, different picture effects, animation for every component, and templates for every graphic need. You have to select the template, modify it with your information, and be ready to go.


Industry experts consider Dropbox an efficient tool for secure file organization, sharing, and team coordination.

It is a cloud-based file-sharing system helping the teams to store any file in one place and access it from anywhere after a secure identity check. You can log in to your Dropbox account on multiple devices and retrieve files on any system.

For instance, log in on a Desktop and Mobile device and upload a file from your computer system. Then, that file also is available on the mobile device.

Besides this, it syncs the files, and any modification made on a mobile device will get highlighted on the desktop system simultaneously.

In addition, you can connect it with your project management and video conferencing tools for quickly forwarding the important content.


For managing customer relationship-based business operations, Salesforce is one of the best apps in the industry. Its conversational interface and modular architecture enable startups and large-enterprise to handle their growing user base. You can conduct an in-depth analysis of every customer to provide the best experience.

From contact management, opportunity management, and lead management to analytics and reporting, it offers features for every core business function. Moreover, it helps integrate, collect and analyze details from social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Furthermore, you can evaluate real-time data and business health to make better decisions for improving strategies.

Once you start using Salesforce, you will analyze a rise in customer satisfaction and productivity.

ZOHO Creator

Process management systems play an essential role in consistently improving core business operations and strengthening the foundation.

And ZOHO Creator is a modern tool, supporting organizations from recent years in enhancing revenue, stability, reliability, and building a solid relationship with stakeholders. You can easily access this tool by installing or integrating it with third-party software.

You can access it from desktop and mobile devices with a single sign-on.

Some of its prominent features include:

  • Graphical User Interface with drag and drop facility for organizing company data.
  • Provides a dedicated deluge-scripting layer to automate tasks according to the user input.
  • Offers pre-built templates to configure sales, employee, order, IT asset, event, and expenses management.
  • You can create roles and assign application access accordingly for better security.
  • It provides built-in analytics and reporting tools to generate Pivot Tables, Summaries, Spreadsheets, and more.


If you are looking for a robust management tool that can handle all the processes in an agile development environment, JIRA must be your priority.

With exceptional functionalities of Kanban boards, bug tracking, tailored workflow, backlog management, notifications, and reporting, it completely aligns with any agile project.

In addition, it allows developers to integrate their tools with it for efficiently planning the software release. With the rapid demand for DevOps, it got some significant updates for providing automated testing and analysis of code.

Besides assuring continuous delivery and deployment, it comes with different project templates, helping the team craft project roadmaps, charts, and dependency mapping.

And for task management, you can utilize its in-built issue hierarchy, subtask management, primary task linking, and log history functionalities. In 2022, JIRA will be a highly-used software product in growing industries.


We all must have been using Instagram, the most trending and popular social media platform.

By posting pictures and sharing stories with friends, you can utilize Instagram to improve engagement to start earning revenue by selling products and services on it.

Many organizations use Canva to design high-end business-oriented graphics for their target audience and post them on Instagram. It helps them drive more traffic to their website and increase the downloads of their mobile apps.

Moreover, sharing posts on Instagram is an effective way to maintain a healthy relationship with customers. With its location-based search feature, you can also discover the people and businesses around you.

Hence, Instagram is a powerful application, aiding firms in boosting sales.


Zendesk is a robust tool for optimizing collaboration between support teams and customers.

Its primary aim is to streamline the process of resolving customer issues in minimal time.

It provides a different set of tools for every need, which comprises of:

  • Conversational Tools, such as live chats and emails.
  • A dedicated interface for every support engineer.
  • Simple and Sleek Admin Panel to handle overall backend operations.
  • Automated replies and chatbots for a better customer experience.

You can effortlessly leverage all these features and other custom APIs, libraries, and machine learning modules.


Data is a primary asset of an organization and storing it in a single place, and that too in a secure environment is the top-most priority.

Datapine is a favorable tool for many enterprises for organizing information from multiple spreadsheets and databases in a single database. You can connect it with your support desk, lead management, and ERP systems to collect and store data.

You can link Oracle, MySQL, Google Sheets, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Salesforce, SAP, Excel, Dropbox, MariaDB, SQL Azure, Amazon Web Services, and many more systems. It also enables to run of cross-database queries for a superior analytical view.

Concluding Up

To accelerate the business growth, build an authentic customer relationship, and drive more sales, you can use the above-mentioned top applications.

These are the top-performing apps in 2022, supporting small to large-scale organizations in maintaining agile projects, managing multiple teams, and organizing data. You can start utilizing these tools in your firms to align with current market trends and dynamic user needs.

Disclosure: This story was submitted to HackerNoon by an independent contributor. Hence the information contained therein has also been researched and compiled independently.