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Every Holidays Worst Nightmare

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Nothing beats a good holiday. Getting away from the everyday to explore and relax wherever you choose. No obligations, no deadlines, just you and your paradise of choice. However, just two words can remind you of the tedious and stressful process of handling your finance while abroad; currency exchange. If you’ve been abroad, chances are you’ve had to handle the nightmare of currency exchange. Instead of sipping a mojito on a beach, or enjoying views on a mountain hike, you’re wondering around an unfamiliar location desperately looking for any signs of an exchange bureau.

However, finding a bureau is only half the battle. There’s nothing worse than having to spend money, to exchange money. Trying to find the bureau tends to be a struggle in itself; finding a reliable bureau with a reasonable rate is a whole new challenge in itself. When it comes to your finance, you won’t want to take any chances, and the rate you get can dictate whether you spoil yourself to a gourmet meal, or have to cancel the scuba diving trip in order to cover the car rental.

So what can be done to tackle this issue? How can you keep your feet in the sand for as long as possible? Well, at Find.Exchange we have worked hard the past two years to bring you a solution that we really believe in. We’ve created a mobile application which shows you where the nearest bureaus are, how much they charge and the user reviews. This gives you the power to find a reliable exchange bureau, offering a good rate, from the comfort of, well, wherever you wish. If you have internet connection, you have access to all the info you need.

Some of you may be thinking, ‘it’s 2018, we use prepaid cards now. Keep up!’. Well, you’re not wrong; prepaid cards can be a great way to simplify finance when travelling. So, we thought of that as well. We’ll compare the prepaid cards to find you the best deal available, tailored to your needs. Oh, and we do the same for money transfer. So whether you’re sending money abroad, spending money abroad or exchanging currency abroad, use Find.Exchange to save time and money.

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