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Everipedia: Online Encylopedia With Over 6 Million Articles

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My name is Matthew E. O'Neil. I have made over 9,000 edits for Everipedia which makes me the #1 ranked editor all time for the company. I graduated with a B.S. from Colorado Christian University in 2001 and a M.B.A from Regis University in 2004. Both universities are located in Colorado. As of May 2020,I am ranked #1 all time in the number of edits at Everipedia under the user name 'ore1pnq21bfu'. I am in contact with boxing promoters Top Rank, Don King Productions and Mayweather Promotions. I have been in contact with TMZ and Mick Magsino of Reuters. I competed for Clark County Commission in 2006 against Rory Reid
and lost. Reid was later accused of campaign finance infractions but was
never formally charged. I was interviewed by Tony Cooke of the Las Vegas Sun when I ran for Clark County Commission.

Everipedia was founded in December 2014 and began as a small project ofย Sam Kazemianย andย Theodor Forseliusย in Kazemian's college dormitory room atย University of California, Los Angelesย (UCLA). The encyclopedia launched in January 2015.ย Travis Moore joined the company as a co-founder in the winter of 2015 andย Mahbod Moghadamย joined as a co-founder in July 2015; he has since resigned his position.

As of 2020, the company has 15 full time workers out of its Santa, Monica, California business address. Larry Sanger has been affiliated with the company. Sanger is one of the founders of Wikipedia.

The site's name is aย portmanteauย of the words "everything" and "encyclopedia". The company was formally headquartered in Westwood, Los Angeles, California near UCLA. The site depicts itself as "the encyclopedia of everything" and formerly as "everyone's encyclopedia. "It has over 6 million pages and the site has been visited hundreds of millions of times.

Besides creating original content, I have also loaded videos to pre-existing Everipedia pages. I have interviewed world boxing champions DeMarcus Corley and Paul Vaden by phone. Corley competed against Floyd Mayweather in 2004. Mayweather is the richest athlete in history, and he has made more money than Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan.


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