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Everipedia Internet Culture Roundup #5: Tattoos Are Forever

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@dliebs72David Liebowitz

Tattoos are a permanent mark that symbolizes how you feel about someone or something a certain point in time. It has become a starter of conversations for many interactions. Roger Stone got his tattoo of Richard Nixon years ago and carries the former President’s spirit quite literally on his back. Kelsey Karter supposedly got singer Harry Styles’ tattoo on her face this week and many are wondering how her future significant other will feel about it in a few years. Notorious Wikipedia editor Philip Cross is not known to have tattoos, and his editing activity makes people question whether he is a person at all or a group of people trying to sway public opinion. Dan Riffle does not care if you have a tattoo or not, only if you are a billionaire because he considers that to be an economic ill to society. And no word yet if Mythical Games will allow you to customize the characters in their upcoming MMO games with tattoos or not. So without further tattoo commentary, here are this week’s most intriguing pages on Everipedia.

Kelsy Karter

The Auckland-born LA-based soul singer Kelsy Karter has made her admiration of Harry Styles known in a big way; she has tatted Harry Styles’ face on her face in honor of his birthday. People are still questioning whether the tattoo is real or not but in an era of baby-faced tatted rappers and short-term attention-grabbing stunts on social media, Karter is merely playing her role in the spotlight. Growing up, she has stated she had never really felt at home anywhere and that she has always been a rebel and Karter is certainly living up to that with her actions.

Who is Philip Cross?

Philip Cross

Although he is known as being Wikipedia’s most active editors, Philip Cross is also known as one of the most suspicious. So much so that some even believe that Philip Cross is not an individual but an organized cell which aims to discredit anti-war figures through gradual edits. What else could explain 133,706 edits in a 1,721 consecutive day period between 2013 to 2018? This week, it was discovered that he edited independent journalist’s Rania Khalek’s Wikipedia page calling her an “Assad-supporting anti-semite.” The edits have since been removed but the disputes over her page are ongoing. Jimmy Wales has dismissed complaints pertaining to Cross as “risible” but the debate over his edits and whether he is an actual person or not is sure to continue.

Roger Stone’s Nixon Tattoo

Roger Stone’s career as a political operative spans 45 years and spans seven Presidential administrations. Starting from his involvement with Richard Nixon during his days attending George Washington University, Stone has been called a political trickster, and he is in controversy again stemming from a televised dramatic arrest at his Florida home this week. Along with Stone being back in the news, there has been also widespread coverage of his tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back. Stone has stated that the tattoo represents a constant reminder of Nixon’s resilience in the face of adversity, something that Stone will need as he faces charges of lying and witness tampering. Stone has since entered a not guilty plea and will be fighting the case.

A picture of Dan Riffle

Dan Riffle

If you have seen the name “Every Billionaire is a Policy Failure” on your Twitter feed, that’s Dan Riffle. The former non-stoner marijuana lobbyist is now AOC’s “policy guy” and does not hold back on his disdain of income inequality. His Twitter account is full of policy points, quick puns, and memes that ultimately tries to convey the message of implementing more progressive economic initiatives. As debates move forward about monetary and economic policy, Riffle is sure establishing himself as one of Twittersphere’s lightning rods of conversation.

Mythical Games logo

Mythical Games

Mythical Games is at the forefront of the future of gaming. Founded by a former studio head of Activision Blizzard, John Linden, the company is creating a gaming ecosystem where blockchain is at its technological foundation. Their debut massive multiplayer online game which is set in a fun-energetic environment, Blankos Block Party, is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2019. In addition, Mythical Games is working with several other blockchain firms to create standardized digital goods on the EOS blockchain called dGoods. As blockchain technology evolves further, it will be interesting to see how the games developed on it will be shaped. We are not far away from a future where professional gamers are not the only ones making a living off video games.


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