"Even in the digital age, finding the best and most original source can be difficult"by@wheeljack84

"Even in the digital age, finding the best and most original source can be difficult"

by Jeffrey HarrisSeptember 23rd, 2021
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Jeffrey is an entertainment reporter with interests in film & TV criticism, comics, anime & manga, MMA, and pro wrestling. When he doesn't read or write about games, he reads comics, whether it is Japanese mange or western superhero. His guilty pleasure? Tuning into a reality dating show, although he never seriously watch the whole season. He wants to join the Rotten Tomatoes list of approved film critics as the next achievement in his career.

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featured image - "Even in the digital age, finding the best and most original source can be difficult"
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This story is a part of Hacker Noon's Meet the Writer series of interviews. The series is intended for tech professionals contributing the most insightful Hacker Noon stories to share more about their writing habits, ideas, and professional background (and maybe a hobby or two). If you too would like to start contributing to Hacker Noon, you can do so here.

Box art for Mega Man X, my favorite game of all time and my gaming muse.

So let’s start! Tell us a bit about yourself. For example, name, profession, and personal interests.**

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Harris. I’m a working entertainment reporter with interests in film & TV criticism, comics, anime & manga, MMA, and pro wrestling. It’s an honor and pleasure to be a part of this Meet the Writer series.

Interesting! What was your latest HackerNoon story about?

This was a rundown of the E3 2021 virtual panels and guest lists. The Electronic Entertainment Expo made a return earlier this year after being cancelled last year during the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic restrictions, E3 was usually held every June in Los Angeles, but COVID-19 put a stop to that in 2020. This year’s version was all-virtual, but it was still nice to see E3 return.

So, the story was a rundown of the signature events and guests that were scheduled for the convention. Hopefully, things will continue to improve in 2022, and E3 can make a physical return for attendees. Although this year’s event was virtual, the major companies that did get involved with the online edition of E3 this year appeared encouraging.

My latest HackerNoon top story was about the release of a new Nintendo Switch model that many were anticipating to be the “pro” model we’ve all been waiting for. Alas, it was not and many fans were disappointed.

Do you usually write on similar topics? If not, what do you usually write about?

For HackerNoon, I primarily write about gaming, but I also have experience reporting on Film & TV, entertainment news, wrestling, and MMA.

Great! What is your usual writing routine like (if you have one?)

I try to visualize the story from top to bottom in my mind and get an idea of the bones of the story. I also like to get down as much information as possible and elaborate on the details, including researched links and quotes. After that, I check for spelling and grammatical errors and self-edit, proofread and polish to make the article AP and SEO-formatted before it’s finally submitted.

Being a writer in tech can be a challenge. It’s not often our main role, but an addition to another one. What is the biggest challenge you have when it comes to writing?

Even in the digital age, finding the best and most original source can be difficult. Not to mention, sometimes quotes or information get taken out of context and manipulated or falsified through a game of internet telephone.

What is the next thing you hope to achieve in your career?

I would like to join the Rotten Tomatoes list of approved film critics.

Wow, that’s admirable. Now, something more casual: What is your guilty pleasure of choice?

Every now and again, I like to tune into a reality dating show, like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. I never seriously sit down and watch a whole season, but I will watch them when nothing else is on. I do find them entertaining in a guilty pleasure sort of way. Especially during the pandemic, dating reality shows can be a fun way to relax and see some dazzling locales. I have friends and family who watch The Bachelor and Bachelorette more seriously, and they have a great time with it.

Do you have a non-tech-related hobby? If yes, what is it?

Yes, I very much enjoy reading comics, be it Japanese manga or western superhero comics. I’ve primarily switched over to graphic novels in order to save money. I really enjoy classic superhero comics, but Japanese manga has really captured my interest as well. In terms of ongoing comic stories, I really enjoy My Hero Academia, Black Clover and Jujutsu Kaisen. Elsewhere, I really like what IDW has been doing with The Transformers franchise in recent years.

What can the Hacker Noon community expect to read from you next?

Some possible gaming or gaming-themed stories, depending on the topic.

Thanks for taking the time to join our “Meet the writer” series. It was a pleasure. Do you have any closing words?

Best of luck to those who wish to have a career in the field of tech or writing about tech and/or gaming. I’ve always found the best advice is the old idiom, “It never hurts to ask.” If you are looking to cover or write about something and you have a particular subject or event in mind, remember to be respectful and ask nicely. Keep an open mind and a whole new world might unfold.

Lead image is taken from Jeffrey’s piece on Ghost of Tsushima