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Ethereum Based Games Reviewed — Conquer the World (New Game: EtherEstates.io)!!

ETH based games have taken over the last few weeks. What originally started as CryptoKitties in December has morphed into a full onslaught of digital collectibles. However, there have been some clear favorites to emerge from the pack in recent weeks. The question becomes what type of digital collectible are you interested in?

The Games Reviewed:


So you have never been to Paris but want to own the Eifel Tower… easy. Own it digitally on EtherEstates.io. This game is a digital collectible built on the blockchain where pieces of real estate like the Bellagio or the Statute of Liberty can be traded. EtherEstates solves an issue plaguing most ETH based games. The price of assets in ETH based games has skyrocketed resulting in people asking, what is the value in them. Well the value in Etherestates.io is that a percentage of the daily transactions are redistributed among the property (estate) holders.

This creates incentive to not only play, but to continue acquiring estates all over the world building your daily dividend. EtherEstates.io has a very low cost of entry compared to many other ETH based games on the market and provides a daily dividend. You would be considered an early entrant and still have time to get your hands on these digital dividend paying collectibles before the price skyrockets like it did on other ETH games.


You can buy both countries and cities. The more cities and countries you own the faster you can, “discover,” new countries. This game similarly to EtherEstates has a low cost to begin playing. These developers are top notch constantly implementing changes requested in their Discord. As cities are transacted it is likely in the near future a dividend will be paid to the country where the city resides. It is also likely all country holders share a piece of the total ETH collected on a daily basis (as it now says in the “Premium” section). Whether you want to “Discover” new cities or own pieces of the world for a fraction of their cost mentioned in the next game, cryptocities.net is a great game to begin playing.

If you plan to play for more than a few days make sure to grab a country and a few of the higher point cities to help you along in the Discovery process.


Well this was the original and is still a fantastic game. The biggest problem is the cost of countries and the developers speed to implement changes. They have discussed adding cities for a very long time but no big changes have been implemented. The cost to begin playing is over 1 ETH so this game is the most expensive on the list. There has yet to be a dividend structure implemented which would add significant value to country holders. When Cryptocountries brings cities to their world and a dividend for country holders their game will once again establish itself as the best in the ETH “conquer the world games.”

A Game for Dividends

EtherEstates.io, would be the game that has yet to build significant traction. Surprisingly, they are also the game that has already instituted a dividend system. This allows holders of property to receive a dividend of the total ETH collected. What could be better than playing a game and receiving a dividend to do so as it grew in popularity?!

Advanced Platform

Cryptocities.net may have come after Cryptocountries.io but currently Cities is leading the way in game development. They have cities implemented and a “Discovery” process. They are also about to implement a dividend system (the date is TBD). Countries is promising all these changes but has yet to implement any and only has a few more left to release.

High Rollers

Well each game has expensive assets within the game. The most expensive starting assets are on Cryptocountries.io, but Cryptocities.net and EtherEstates.io will have assets that greatly increase in value as their user base continues to grow.

Favorite RISK Style Conquer the World ETH Game:

If you are looking for a dividend and love real estate your winner is EtherEstates.io (starting price .4 ETH).

If you are looking for game integration between cities, countries and features the winner is cryptocities.net (starting price cities: .02ETH, countries: 1ETH). It is highly recommended you join their Discord to see how the cities and country “discovery” and releases work: https://discord.gg/BaKRXRF.

If you are looking for a game for high rollers with a significant ability for growth when they do implement cities: Cryptocountries.io, is your winner.

There is a different ETH game for each person but as I love my real estate (and dividends) my current favorite is EtherEstates.io Other new ETH game reviews coming soon!!!

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