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ETHERBOTS Launches, overtaking CryptoKitties in Transaction Volume (Again)

All proceeds from the game will go toward building a real life mech-laser-horse.
New to Etherbots? Check out our launch article and getting started guide.

Wow. It’s been an insane 24 hours since launch. Etherbots has more than doubled the number and volume of CryptoKitty transactions.

For a few hours Etherbots transactions represented 5% of the entire Ethereum network. We’ve had robot parts selling for 21 ETH ($18,000 USD), thousands of individual duels, hit the front page of /r/ethereum, and a few lucky individuals have even forged our launch-exclusive body, never again available after 72 hours from launch.

A rare shadow Ancient Protector sold for 21 ETH 5 minutes before this piece was published.

I’m writing this with my incredibly sleep-deprived, but incredibly excited team. This game has surpassed our wildest expectations — especially considering it’s the most ambitious game on the blockchain to date — and we’re stoked that people are loving it as much as we do. So…


We have a really exciting roadmap for the next month.

  1. International translations of the website in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
  2. Launch on OPSkins/Wax.io, with millions of monthly unique visitors.
  3. Continual updates: weekly tournaments with massive prizes, and some secret content ;)
Robot Unicorn ATTACK!

As always, join our lively discord to chat to us directly. We’re awake for 20 hours of the day, and are content with the fact we’ll live much shorter because of it. ❤

See you in the arena.

Our sleek battle interface, where you can browse past battles, watch it play out, and redeem valuable prizes after.

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