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ETHERBOTS GRAND OPENING - 72 Hr Limited Launch-Exclusive Part

JOIN US! 8.00 PM PST, March 3rd.

The ETHERBOTS grand launch is here! Since selling over $1M USD robots in our pre-sale in days, we have expanded and been working sleeplessly to make this game amazing. It is certainly the most ambitious blockchain game to date, and we’re proud to say thanks to the hard work of our developers (and our beloved beta testers on the Etherbots Discord), it has surpassed even our biggest expectations.

As huge fans of CryptoKitties, overtaking their transaction volume during our presale made us incredibly excited — and also gave us a sense of responsibility to make this game bloody incredible. We reckon we’ve done it. But don’t trust us, check it out for yourself. (We apologise to the Ethereum network in advance, because this is going to be huge.)

But before we go on…

Does it come in black?
The Ancient Protector will only be available for the first 72 hours after game launch. Ever. And if you’re the lucky first to win it — you’ll be labelled as its discoverer forever.

People like rare things. CryptoKitties’ ‘Bug Cat’ was sold for 246 ETH last December. But ultimately, CryptoKitties only did it half right. It’s a beautiful proof-of-concept and a great collectible, but it lacks meaningful gameplay and competition. What use is ownership if you can’t do anything with it?

So we thought to ourselves: what happens when you combine immutable digital scarcity and collectability with actual strategic utility? Win enough battles, and you might be lucky enough to find the Ancient Protector (or heaven forbid, a shadow or gold version) in a crate, and find out.

So, what else will you find at launch?

  • The most advanced and beautiful Ethereum Game to date. Period.
  • Each robot part (melee, body, turret, defence) is an individual ERC-721 token fully owned by you. Build, battle and trade to your heart’s content.
  • A fully featured, strategy-based battling system. It incorporates user’s perk trees, part rarity, elemental combinations and level, as well as their moves. (We’re so serious about strategy, we made a battle white paper).
  • A sweet marketplace where you can hunt for the elusive “gold lambo” (…does it even exist?!)
  • Reward crates after every battle, with the value increasing proportionate to how well you went, and how difficult your opponent was compared to you.
  • Forge parts of different rarity — from common, to rare shadow, to the elusive legendary gold.
  • A beautiful profile page with unlockable achievements and perk-tree.
  • Live notifications for in-game actions (when someone attacks you, etc…)

OPSkins/Wax.io — COMING SOON

Partners with OPSkins/Wax.io

ETHERBOTS is the second ever ERC-721 based game to be featured on OPSkins, powered by WAX. We’re working on integrating with their API and will be available on their site towards the end of March.

We want to bridge the market between mainstream gamers and crypto gamers, and bring the idea of true digital ownership to the masses.

It’s time to stop letting game companies get away with non-transparent reward percentages, market manipulation, temporary “licensing” of ownership of in-game items, and abrupt changes which hurt the players.

It’s time to bring power to the players. And do it in style ;)

ETHERBOTS launches 8.00 PM PST March 3rd.

Join us!

See you in the arena.

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