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Episode 6: Reflecting on building an airport

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What pairing is like = Pacific Rim

I’ve concluded that Pairing is really like that cliche action movie, Pacific Rim. If you don’t know what this movie is about, fair enough, it’s not amazing but neither does it suck! In one sentence, it’s about two humans connecting their brains together to function a giant robot to defeat alien monsters coming out of the sea. Here’s how it’s similar.

Pacific Rim: Two people plug in to connect brains to function a robot

Pairing: Two people sit down together to build a program.

Pacific Rim: Both people intertwine their memories so they connect stronger

Pairing: You get to know each other’s frustrations, joys and other emotions.

Pacific Rim: Both people do whatever they can to support each other, in order both to give equal amount of effort to support the robot.

Pairing: You learn how to support your partner or what you can contribute to get the job done.

Although Pacific Rim is shot very dramatically which is why it’s more of a dramatic version of what actual pairing is like, we’ve been pairing a whole week now. NOW, we have to do this alone?

That’s like taking half my brain away! The good side!

Reflection Time, Reflection Time.

I’ve concluded that this only week 1 and I have yet to document the challenge. Let’s dial back a bit and say, that at least I’m gonna reflect on it my accomplishments and what I did. (Hey! I can’t give all the answers neither do I plan to code for seven days a week. That’s not healthy)

So, on this challenge: I manage to do the following test and pass the tests. Yay celebrate on accomplishments.

  • Tests if the land method responds to the Airport class
  • Test if the take_off method responds to the Airport class
  • Actually prove that the land method works
  • Actually prove that the take off method works
  • Test to show the plane status if it’s working
  • Use the random .sample to run whether the weather was stormy

As this exercise was similar to the one such as Boris Bikes, I got up to exercise 15. With that knowledge I had so far, I felt I accomplished most of the things I had learnt before. It was just the new stuff. I did attempt something new which I had never done (Stubs) but as they say in Stranger Things: “The demogorgan got me”

What stubs felt like.

What i learnt over the weekend (not just the exercise):

  • How to split classes in different files and require them
  • Use to_be_an_instance off
  • Format a read me file with title links. (Haha, design is a key element in everything)
  • Properly name commits
  • How to update ruby to the latest ruby by uninstalling home-brew and putting it in the right direction (TOOK ME A WHOLE DAY)
Like, finally. I couldn’t even start the challenge cause bundle wouldn’t install due to needing 2.4 like wjlanfasfs
  • How to make your terminal in the colour you like, style you prefer reading in and understand where the plugins go.
Why go for black, when you can go for blue?
  • Installing Atom packages that are necessary for emotional support.


It’s nor right but it’s okay
  • Stay happy when frustrated or stressed.
  • Talk to people when you feel not, energized. It helps your brain want to get things done.
  • Get the smarter part of the brain next time I do this weekend challenge (HAHA JOKES)

Fun Fact of the Day:

Obviously if you do more of the week challenge, then you’ll be more experienced with the weekend challenge. Though, a good tip.

Never start a weekend challenge on a Sunday afternoon.

Never. It takes a lot longer than you think.


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