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Employee Training Amid The Pandemic: The Tools You Need to Succeed by@sundayadenekan176

Employee Training Amid The Pandemic: The Tools You Need to Succeed

Sunday Adenekan  Hacker Noon profile picture

Sunday Adenekan

Professional Digital Marketer And Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning Enthusiast

When the news about the pandemic started appearing in mainstream media, many of us thought that the situation would improve by the end of the year. However, operating businesses virtually is a practice that isn't going away soon. Just like other business processes, employee training also need to adapt to this change. Thankfully, there are several tools available today that enable you to train your employees virtually.

Let’s learn about a few of these tools in a bit more detail.

Authoring Tools

Authoring tools do exactly what their name suggests - enable course creators to author training content.

Modern authoring tools come loaded with templates, themes, and in-built tools like a screen recorder that allows anyone to create an engaging training curriculum, despite having no prior experience.

Most modern eLearning tools, including the ones mentioned in this article, work on a set content standard known as SCORM. SCORM authoring tools work and integrate with other SCORM compliant eLearning tools seamlessly and make life incredibly easy for training administrators. If you are in the market for an authoring tool, make sure it is a SCORM authoring tool.

With that said, it is important to remember that for basic course creation needs, an authoring tool will only help you create the learning experience. There is still a need to find a subject matter expert that can create your learning experience.

Learning Management System

Using an LMS allows you to manage content, share specific training courses with different learners, track learners' progress, and track the effectiveness of the training experience you have created. Most LMS also offer features, like gamification and social learning, that enable you to optimize your learning experience for improved learner engagement and information retention.

The best part is that most learning management systems charge their clients based on the number of learners that use the platform. This means you can expect to start with a pocket-friendly expense if you don’t have too many learners.

When searching for an LMS, pay attention to the user experience. Most learning management companies offer free trials of their products. It is wise to shortlist a few options and try them out before making a purchase decision. When testing learning management systems, consider the technical expertise of your learners to ensure the user interface is suited to them. You can also try out the services of the support team during your trial to gague the promtness and quality of the support.

It is also worth noting that there are certain LMS that are designed to serve specific industries. If you find an LMS that serves your niche, it is definitely worth checking out, even if the product is not backed by a well-known brand name.

Web Conferencing Tool

A web conferencing tool enables you to deliver instructor-led training to your employees in a virtual environment.

Besides the improved effectiveness, there are many other cost-related benefits associated with virtual instructor-led training. For instance, even after the pandemic, you can continue providing your employees with instructor-led training, without having to worry about the infrastructure and logistical costs involved in providing physical classroom training sessions.