Embed NFTs into Your HackerNoon Stories by Simply Pasting the Contract Number and Token ID by@RichardJohnn

Embed NFTs into Your HackerNoon Stories by Simply Pasting the Contract Number and Token ID

If you paste something like 0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e#80305803031457727000169367139464419088647062543998058403747637890778052689921 into 2.0 stories and hit enter you will embed an NFT viewer. The 0xwhatever part is the Contract Address and the bit after # is the token ID. ERC-721 contract only.
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Did you know you can embed NFTs (say what?) into your Hacker Noon stories? No? Well, that isn't too surprising because we haven't told anyone about it.

What I did here is browse https://opensea.io/assets and then when I found something resembling a voxel kung fu gorilla DJ (AKA CyberKongz), I clicked on it. Which brought me here:


Next, I scrolled down to the "Details" section on the left and clicked on it to reveal some important information, the "Contract Address" and the "Token ID" as seen here:


⚠️⚠️⚠️NOTE: This only works with NFTs using the ERC-721 contract⚠️⚠️⚠️

I clicked the link for the Contract Address, which opened in a new tab and copied the actual value from the top of the page as seen here:


Right, so that's in the paste buffer, I go back to the draft and paste it in- but do I hit enter? Goodness, no! I go back and click the Token ID to similarly copy its value into my paste buffer because typing the 4 digits is too hard and you can totally trust websites to fill your paste buffer, right? 🙅 No, you can't, really. They call it "Pastejacking"- it's not nearly as stimulating as it may sound to your filthy and immature ears. ha

Okay, so in the end I wind up with this:


Then I press enter and I see it loading for a couple seconds like:


If all goes well, you will see the embedded NFT load in after a few seconds. Congratulations. 🎉

If you see it loading forever, undo the embed and try again. I have seen it hang the first time and then work quickly the second time 😐. If that doesn't do it, make sure you aren't missing the #tokenId bit at the end the end. Also be sure that the token standard is ERC-721.

Right! So you can now embed (ERC-721) NFTs into your Hacker Noon stories! Why not give it a go today? Have a good one.✌️


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