Eldarune: Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming with Interoperability and Multi-Chain Dominanceby@eldarune
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Eldarune: Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming with Interoperability and Multi-Chain Dominance

by EldaruneApril 17th, 2024
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Eldarune is a cutting-edge Web3 gaming ecosystem revolutionizing digital asset integration and multiplayer experiences.
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Web3 Gaming is developing fast, but limitations such as isolated in-game economies and single-use NFTs restrict its full potential. Eldarune — a multi-faceted gaming ecosystem with average monthly transactions of over 100,000 — seems to break down these barriers and promote a more all-encompassing experience.

Eldarune is the biggest Turkish Web3 gaming project that has the most advanced technology in the Web3 gaming market to date. The studio was conceived in Seedify, a Web3 gaming-focused incubator and launchpad, and has garnered the support of BNB Chain, Bybit, Decubate, Hacken, Immutable, Layer One X, and other

The team behind Eldarune is based in Turkey and consists of 28 individuals, each bringing their expertise to the table.Can Picak, the CEO and project spokesperson, is a prominent industry leader with a background in Web3 gaming and blockchain marketing. He has practical experience in integrating gaming with blockchain and leveraging AI and IoT in startups.

Building a Gaming Studio Powerhouse: The DIGA Labs Legacy

Eldarune is a creation of DIGA Labs, a cutting-edge blockchain gaming solutions provider. Founded in 2021 by a team of passionate gamers and blockchain enthusiasts, DIGA Labs has a proven gaming industry track record and brings in software development expertise.

This expertise shows that, technologically speaking, Eldarune titles are state-of-the-art. The company breaks the mold of traditional Web3 gaming, letting the players use their digital assets across multiple games. ELDA tokens and NFTs are like universal game currency, working in all their titles. This creates a connected ecosystem where all in-game efforts have real value and can be applied to different gaming experiences.

ELDA Token

The ELDA token is the lifeblood of the Eldarune ecosystem, powering a diverse range of in-game experiences. Players can use ELDA to access exclusive features and content, and also NFT purchases and rentals to expand their arsenals.

ELDA unlocks participation in competitive activities like arena battles and tournaments – a juicy chance to win even more tokens and prestigious rewards.

Players can also stake their ELDA for passive income through farming and burning mechanisms or directly invest it in powerful in-game items and character upgrades. For those eager to join the Eldarune adventure, ELDA is readily available for purchase on popular DEXs and CEXs like Bybit, MEXC, and PancakeSwap.

A Universe of Games: Eldarune's Multi-Faceted Approach

Eldarune is building a sprawling gaming universe that is not confined to a single blockchain. This multi-chain approach leverages the strengths of BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum, creating a versatile and expansive player experience. On the 8th of April, Eldarune will also integrate Avalanche, and later, Solana will join the party.

So, what is the multi-chain approach all about? Imagine playing different games where your cool sword or rare character skin follows you from one adventure to the next. That's the magic of Layer One X tech – Eldarune’s partner. It lets you trade your digital assets (tokens, NFTs, and customization items) seamlessly between their games, even if they’re on different blockchains. Simply put, you can jump between games without losing your hard-earned loot, creating a more connected experience and opening doors to potentially sweet rewards.

So far, Eldarune’s universe includes four titles. World of Elymnias (WoE), an open beta idle game, lets players build empires and collect loot with minimal effort, perfect for casual sessions. Strategic minds can test their skills in the closed beta of Heroes of Eldarune (HoE), a TCG where they can build their ultimate deck and outwit opponents. Journey (open Beta) offers a captivating narrative adventure through text-based choices, allowing players to craft their own story. For the competitive crowd, ELDA RUSH, a closed alpha MOBA, is on the waitlist, promising fast-paced brawls.

Eldarune's Diverse Gaming Universe:

World of Elymnias (WoE)

This idle game attracts over 10,000 daily active users. WoE has PvP modes where you can test your strategic prowess against other players in the arena. It is currently in open Beta, and players can download the game’s APK through the Eldarune Discord channel.

Heroes of Eldarune (HoE)

HoE is a TCG (Trading Card Game) with simple mechanics and user-friendly graphics. The game’s continuous development and new features are decided through collaboration with the Eldarune community and DAO. HoE is currently in the Beta stage, expected to launch in Q3 2024.


It is a text-based adventure game in which players explore a narrative-driven world, with over 50,000 users actively engaging in the storyline. You'll send your troops on dangerous journeys, following the narrative's twists and turns as you make choices that shape your path. Completing quests and progressing through the story unlocks valuable rewards. Eldarune Journey is in closed Beta.


It is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game akin to popular titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends. Assemble your team of powerful heroes, each with distinct abilities, and dive into the battlefield. ELDA Rush is currently in a closed Alpha stage with a limited player base. Players can join Eldarune's live streams to experience the game firsthand and potentially participate in the testing phase.

Interoperability, Multi-Chain Dominance – and More

Eldarune's true innovation lies in its interoperable NFTs and multi-chain functionality, setting it apart in the crowded Web3 gaming space. As of 2024, it delivers the most advanced technology in the market:

Interoperable NFTs

Players can use their acquired NFTs across all Eldarune titles. In-game NFTs in Eldarune transcend individual games, boosting their value and utility. The ability to rent or sell these NFTs on marketplaces creates a highly liquid in-game economy, allowing players to earn real-world value from their assets.

Multi-Chain Gameplay

Eldarune is currently operational on BNB, Polygon, and Ethereum, which is a great chance for players from different ecosystems to connect and compete. This creates a more expansive and inclusive gaming environment, attracting a wider player base.


Eldarune elevates gameplay through its AI that tailors experiences to individual players. By learning from your choices and actions, the AI personalizes the in-game world and adjusts difficulty for continued engagement. Players can train the AI and make NPCs fight alongside them in battles; AI-powered NPCs can create unique missions, and trained AI champions can be sold as NFTs.


Eldarune creates a space where players can contribute to the game's evolution. Further boosting engagement, a system of 21 seasons keeps players hooked, contributing to a sustainable and dynamic in-game economy.

Gameplay Versatility

Each title offers multiple modes, from conquering campaigns and exploring dungeons to battling clan bosses and testing skills in PvP arenas. This diversity ensures there's something for everyone. Accessibility is paramount, with all Eldarune games playable across browsers, mobile devices, PCs, and even consoles, allowing players to jump in anytime, anywhere.

Deep Submersion

Eldarune goes beyond captivating gameplay. Each title has its own immersive soundtrack album, setting a new standard for atmospheric experiences.

Web3 Gaming Ecosystem That Constantly Evolves

With over 20,000 unique NFT holders and the ELDA token reaching an all-time high of $0.062 in January 2024, the Eldarune ecosystem appears to be thriving.

The project’s roadmap outlines a continuous development process with exciting prospects – Eldarune gears up for a busy March and April. Public Beta Testnets for both Heroes of Eldarune and Journey kick off in March, followed by exciting Public Beta Testnet Tournaments for both games in March and April. 2024 brings even more action with a free mint event on Avalanche (April 15th), Avalanche integration, L1X integration, and an Avalanche HoE Tournament.

Eldarune's commitment to interoperability, multi-chain functionality, and a diverse gaming portfolio positions it as a strong contender in the Web3 gaming landscape. Even though the project is still under development, with Elda Rush and HoE yet to be fully launched, the initial games offer a glimpse into Eldarune's potential. The long-term success will hinge on the execution of the ambitious roadmap and the continuous delivery of engaging and vanward gaming experiences.

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