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Hackernoon logoDr. Seuss Goes Remote: Oh, the Places You’ll Go by@michael-brooks

Dr. Seuss Goes Remote: Oh, the Places You’ll Go

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@michael-brooksMichael Brooks

Founder & CEO of goLance and the author of REMOTE iT!, a new Amazon best seller in Outsourcing.

I was trying to explain to my kids why they should be excited about the growth of the remote business model. I’ve worked remotely for most of their lives, so they couldn’t understand what it was like when people went to offices, commuted long hours, and did their work surrounded by others. That’s what motivated me to explain remote work to them in a way they could easily comprehend.

So, I wrote this based on the style of Dr. Seuss and read it to them before bedtime. Maybe you’ll even find this poem will help your kids understand the value of working remotely.


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