20 Free Job Sites for Freelance Developers and Coders by@jasonzhang

20 Free Job Sites for Freelance Developers and Coders

The advantages of doing freelance work are known by many but the disadvantages are rarely discussed very rarely. One of the main concerns of freelancers is that sometimes work is not steady or they do not know where to look for work. To help you out, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 20 free job sites for remote jobs where you can browse opportunities related to web development and coding. The list includes Joomlancers, Topcoder, Hirable, Codeable, Gigster and Sologologigs.
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Freelancing comes with its pros and cons. The advantages of doing freelance work are known by many but the disadvantages are discussed very rarely. One of the main concerns of freelancers is that sometimes work is not steady or they do not know where to look for work. To help you out, we have compiled a comprehensive list of 20 free job sites for remote jobs where you can browse opportunities related to web development and coding.

All the web developers and coders can bookmark these websites and explore countless opportunities waiting for them.

1. Joomlancers

Joomlancers is a great website for web developers, WordPress experts, and coders. This website lets freelancers find work remotely and at a very good payment.

It is a great place to find work for web developing and coding professionals. It only has ten job postings every day and it is a surefire way of finding work.

2. Topcoder

This website is great for freelance developing experts and coders who want to work remotely.

Topcoder is quite popular for the fact that they list job posts for people according to the location and nearest area and currently have over 1 million registered experts on their forum.

3. Twine

Developing, programming and coding is a major hiring niche for Twine, which is an online marketplace for freelancers. It is a great source for connecting employers and employees in fair working conditions.

Twine is a popular freelance platform with hundreds of users currently registered with it.

4. Localancers

This website is gaining quite a good repute very rapidly. The thing that makes it unique is that it allows us to hire services at your selected locality.

Web developers and coders can earn quite a handsome amount by working on this platform.

5. Toptal

This website is very prestigious when it comes to hiring freelancers. Not everyone can make a profile with Toptal unless they are highly qualified and excel in what they do.

It is a great earning platform for developers and coders while being a freelancer.

6. CleverTech

CleverTech launched 8 years ago as a software house that used to provide web development related solutions. But soon it morphed itself into a highly professional,million-dollar marketplace in the freelancing department.

It has a large scope for developers and coders as it has special categories to browse jobs in suitable skills.

7. Hirable

Hirable is a freelancing site that only caters to developing experts. It has hundreds of job postings daily for web developers and full-stack developers. Employers and companies often source freelancing talent from this website.  

8. Codeable

This freelancing website is dedicated only to freelancing individuals that are qualified in web development and coding. People who are looking for remote jobs and are experts in WordPress development should try their luck at codeable.

You can get your freelancing project easily if you are qualified as a full-stack developer or front-end developer.

9. Programmermeetdesigner

Programmermeetdesigner is a freelancing website that is highly recommended to professionals that are just starting their freelance career or business.

It is a community where web developing experts, designers, coders, beginners register themselves and offer their services.

They can also hire other talents if they require their services. It is only meant to be used by people who are well-qualified and experienced but want to work freelance.

10. Gigster

This website caters to the tech niche specifically. It acts as a digital recruiting agency and selects the best possible professionals as per the employer's demands.

11. Rent a coder

Online freelancing is the number 1 choice for students to work part-time. Rent a coder website is a great way of earning for web developers, coders, and other web experts.   

12. Dice

Dice is a freelancing website that is dedicated specifically to information technology and web developing jobs.

You can sign-up on Dice against a membership fee and explore those opportunities that will bring more income.

13. Sologig

This website acts as a middle-man between the employee and employer and does the hiring part itself.

Sologigs is best for people who are looking for jobs as full-stack and front-end developers. It has a great scope for software engineers as well.

14. 10xManagment

10xManagment is a website that is a tech website dedicated to hiring tech-related experts exclusively. It is rapidly making its mark on the freelance market.

It is a highly efficient website that connects people in a matter of minutes.

Experts such as web developers, coders, programmers, cybersecurity experts, and data scientists are currently connected with 10xManagment and earning their livelihood while working as a freelancer.

15. YouTeam

This website is great for people that are experienced and well-qualified in their craft. YouTeam is great for software engineers and web developers that are looking for long term projects.

YouTeam is easy to navigate and use. You can list your skills and qualifications with this website and get hired instantly.

16. Hired

Hired is a very popular freelancing website among tech professionals and software developers.

Signing up on Hired is a great way to connect with potential employers. It has a flexible payment plan for companies and provides many payment options to freelancers.

17. StackOverflow

StackOverflow is very reliable when it comes to job listings and freelance opportunities for professionals.

Web developers and coders can see hundreds of freelance job listing every day apply for them.

18. WordPress

You might be familiar with WordPress as a blogging platform but it is much more than that in reality.

WordPress also acts as a middle-man between companies and freelancers by providing them a platform on WordPress jobs board.

19. Lorem

This website is very rapidly getting popular among the established professionals where they offer their services part-time as a freelancer. Even the small odd jobs of web development such as fixing bugs and errors, designing a website, and building it from scratch are listed here.

20. Gun-io

Gun-io is not an ordinary website that caters to beginners or starters. Its clientele is based on prestigious companies and experienced web developers.

Highly skilled professionals sign up on Gun.io and connect to people in search of their skills. 


When it comes to freelancing, you should not get discouraged with fewer projects or less income initially. Learn to search for the best possible platform that advertises your skills effectively.

Above listed websites are highly recommended to developers and coders for working as a freelancer. The only key to get successful as a freelancer is to be steady and determined and do not lose hope in the process.

Give a chance to above top 20 freelancing websites and surely you would land a job soon. You can eliminate the tiring process of traditional hiring and background checks and be a freelancer with the freedom of working from home.


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