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Do your users really need to know that you are implementing blockchain technology?

The title is technically a rhetorical question. Is it necessary to shout to the four winds and use the blockchain technology as a flag?

The question comes to me a little more than a month after the whole team participated in the final of the challenge “Applicando México”. The question comes to me a little more than a month after the whole team participated in the final challenge of applying mexico, what basically and not to bore you with details is a contest for fintech startups, and as we prepare questions begin to emerge, especially about which is the best way to present a product or service. While it is true that specific aspects should be covered since this is what an investor or judge expects to see, it is also true that it is not only about presenting a cold object mechanically, but I think it is like a good joke, that is, all We can tell the same joke and yet we do not all have the same grace. This means that for the joke to be funny you should know which parts require more emphasis and which more mimic, etc.

So I started to review and analyze the document that we had sent to compete and I realized that we had talked too much about the blockchain technology, maybe more than necessary.

I am in favor of the idea “less is more” maybe because I have had to learn to do more with less, I don’t know but I identify with the concept. As I see it any technology transcends the intention with which it was created to adapt to the intentions of its users, inventions with military ends end up being assimilated by the cvilización and transcend its warlike essence, so perhaps it is not necessary to enter into a tangle of explanations about how great blockchain technology is and how will change the world in the next few years, maybe we just have to explain how we are implementing it and focus on the total value of the product. Who knows, we’ll find out.

Anyway, in the end we have to find the balance I suppose. After all, we’ll only have five minutes. What do you think?

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