Do better, TaskRabbit.

Dear TaskRabbit,

This should of course go without saying, but I feel the need to put it in writing after walking past your advertisements over the past couple months.

ALL people deserve to “live life” — not just those fortunate enough to outsource their chores to others while they attend yoga. To base an entire ad campaign off the premise that one must pay a premium in order to enjoy life is incredibly tone deaf.

By the way, who’s the invisible “we” in the billboards you’ve plastered across the city? Do they have time to devote to self care? Who’s looking after their children while they’re mopping our floors? Are they earning a living wage in the most expensive city in America? Do you even care?

San Francisco has all but normalized the aggressive erasure and expulsion of an entire group of people (read: working class residents of color), all while relying on their cheap labor to meet a voracious need for on-demand pampering. These people are welcome to serve us, but they certainly don’t have a seat at the table. In fact, we’ve been forcing them out of the city in droves.

TL;DR Happiness is not reserved for the elite. People do not exist to serve you. No matter his or her educational background or yearly income — a human being should not be reduced to a mere means to someone else’s more glamorous end.

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