09/02/2018: Biggest Stories in the Cryptosphere

1. Taipei Confirms IOTA Tech Testing for ID

It was previously reported that the city of Taipei has formed a partnership with IOTA to use blockchain technology, with the aim of turning itself in a smart city. IOTA is the platform behind the Tangle technology for the Internet of Things (IoT). Taiwan’s capital has now confirmed it will use the technology specifically for its citizen identification system. The news was announced by Wei-bin Lee, the Department of Information Technology Commissioner. The project, called Digital Citizen Card, will be carried out not only in partnership with IOTA but also with local startup BiiLabs. IOTA’s Tangle ID service will be used for several other projects as well in the future, and is intended to protect people from identity theft.

2. There are Four Luxury Condos Listed in Washington D.C. You Could Purchase with Bitcoin

Four condos located at 1471 Girard St. NW, previously a single-family home, are currently on sale with the option of using Bitcoin as a payment choice. According to Residential Brokerage Venditti, this is the first listing of its kind in the district. The two one-bedroom apartments are going for $569,000/50 BTC and $665,000/59 BTC. The two-bedroom is listed at $677,000/60 BTC. Finally, the two-bedroom penthouse is on sale for $949,000/84 BTC. Potential buyers first need to be approved for possible additional financing. Furthermore, both parties agree to take into account that between the day of the offer being accepted, and transaction taking place, the price of Bitcoin could change.

3. Want to Pay Taxes with Bitcoin? Maybe in Arizona!

Currently, there are many bills under consideration in Arizona, and one of them would allow citizens to pay their taxes with Bitcoin. The US state of Arizona would be the first one to allow this. Another bill is also calling for cryptocurrencies to be recognised as a currency rather than a commodity. Jeff Weninger, the State Representative, affirmed that the bills are a sign of the importance the state could have in the future, in regards to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. However, Arizona State Senate Minority Leader Steve Farley was one of the voices speaking against the idea. The argument used was the risk taxpayer money would face in case Bitcoin failed. Farley believes that the US Dollar should be enough, pointing out cryptocurrencies’ volatility.

4. Biggest Ever Bitcoin Donation Accepted by US Politician

Austin Petersen, current Missouri Republican Candidate, and former Libertarian, has received the biggest Bitcoin donation ever accepted by a US politician. It amounts to 0.284 BTC, which at the time of receipt was valued at $4,500. In total, Petersen has received 24 Bitcoins in donations. However, this was not the first case of cryptocurrencies being used for campaign donations. In fact, Republican Politician Rand Paul also accepted Bitcoin during his 2016 Presidential Campaign. The first figure to accept this type of payment was actually Democrat Politician Jared Polis during his 2014 Congressional Campaign. The Federal Election Commission has even established a set of guidelines.

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