Hackernoon logoDLT M&A Weekly : March 10th 2019 by@ericrisley_83384

DLT M&A Weekly : March 10th 2019

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@ericrisley_83384Eric Risley

Managing Partner

Distributed ledger technology mergers and acquisitions

No new DLT M&A transactions were announced this past week.

Today we’re taking a closer look at Coinbase’s strategic acquisition efforts over the past year or so. Coinbase is by far the most active DLT acquirer today, after recruiting Emilie Choi from LinkedIn in May 2018. Emilie leads corporate and business development as well as Coinbase’s venture effort.

Our assessment below highlights each acquisitions previous business, how it fits within Coinbase’s efforts and the strategic drivers of each acquisition. Much like Google and Facebook in their early days, many of Coinbase’s acquisitions are team and technology-driven transactions. Also notable, Coinbase has moved early and aggressively to build its regulatory compliance capabilities which are becoming increasingly important as the securities regulators’ influence is felt within the crypto asset marketplace.


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