Digital Marketing and Web Design with Noonies Nominee, Elizabeth by@elizabethlvova

Digital Marketing and Web Design with Noonies Nominee, Elizabeth

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Elizabeth is the Chief Editor at and a digital marketing specialist. She has been nominated for a 2021 Noonies award for critical thinker of the year. She believes Kubernetes is the future of cloud computing and ML & AI are the future. She is worried about what deepfake technology can mean to our future. The best advice I’ve ever given someone was to never go alone in life. If you want to be the sky, you must be the limit to what you do, and inspire others.

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Elizabeth Lvova

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Hey Hackers! I’m Elizabeth, and I’m the Chief Editor at

First of all, a huge thank you to the HackerNoon community and staff for nominating me for a 2021 Noonies award! I’ve been nominated in the following categories. Please do check out these award pages and vote:

  1. Critical Thinker of the Year:

As someone in the digital marketing industry, I believe that the most exciting technology of the present is Kubernetes because platforms such as Kubernetes allow us to feel free from manual control, which means we don't have to care about how and where the app is running. Learn more about my thoughts and opinions on cloud technologies and my journey in the tech industry via the interview below.

1. What do you do, and why do you do it?

I work as a Chief Editor at, a web design, and development company. I’ve been a digital marketing specialist for over 4 years, having helped numerous startups and companies to develop PR & Content Marketing strategies and campaigns. I’ve come to work in tech from the world of Linguistics and Interpreting and never regretted it for a second! I’m sure that cloud technologies, along with ML & AI, are the future of any industry, so I want to share as much of my experience as I can with the tech community.

2. Tell us more about the things you create / write / manage / build!

Most of my work is focused on content marketing. I love to search for hot topics, the things developers and IT specialists currently discuss, and write articles, case studies and raise discussions on important topics in the world of software.

3. How did you end up on your current career path? Do you like it?

I’ve always wanted to work in tech! With my degree in Linguistics, it was difficult to find a job in IT, but I managed to become a technology writer at media about cryptocurrency and blockchain. That’s how I learned A LOT about crypto, cloud technologies, programming languages, frameworks, etc. I fell in love with the industry and decided to dedicate my life to it.

4. What tech are you most excited or passionate about right now and why?

I am sure that Kubernetes is the future of cloud computing. It will continue to grow and expand its functionality, as well as the sorts of applications and ecosystem integrations it can handle. Kubernetes will experience continuous growth across many infrastructures while keeping them less difficult by leveraging the power of the infrastructure by maintaining all the moving pieces and dependencies.

5. What tech are you most worried about right now and why?

I’m really worried about what deepfake technology can mean to our future. Deepfake content is extremely convincing, and the continual development of this technology has made distinguishing between actual and fake content even more difficult. While deepfake technology is still relatively young, its use in emerging fraud and cybercrime trends grows every day. As criminals use deepfakes to carry out attacks, spread misinformation, and implement fraud scams, its use might become a major worry among consumers and organizations in 2022.

6. If we gave you 10 million dollars to invest in something today, what would you invest in and why?

I’d invest it in the development of neurophysiology in connection with artificial intelligence and machine learning. I want our future to be different from what we saw in the Black Mirror. If we do develop AI & ML in connection with the understanding of how the human brain and neurons work, we might build a bright future where technology is used for good and does not become our own enemy.

7. What are you currently learning?

Currently, I am studying the influence of marketing strategies on consumer behavior. I’m really interested in psychology, and since marketing campaigns can trigger reactions through pictures and word connections connected to emotional responses, I’d love to master the techniques used in this field of marketing.

8. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given someone?

The best advice I’ve ever given was to never go alone in life. If you want only the sky to be the limit to what you do, you must build networks, communities around you, lead and inspire others, and this is how you achieve success. Being the lone wolf looks cool only in the movies. And once you achieve success, remember to say “Thanks” to everyone who was by your side, since gratitude drives positive changes in this world.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

To think critically about what you hear and be strategic in your actions. Building a career, a family, a startup, a community always starts with developing a strategy.

10. Please give us the links to all your relevant social media profiles so we can use them to promote this interview! (Twitter and LinkedIn would be a huge plus)

11. Would you also be interested in joining us on the HackerNoon podcast? If so, what would you like to chat about?

Yes! I can talk about digital marketing, PR, startups, writing case studies, content strategies…etc.

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