Introducing the Terminal Reader App by HackerNoon by@fabian337

Introducing the Terminal Reader App by HackerNoon

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I bet you didn’t know about this new application under Hackernoon. If I was right, then I also bet you’re really curious to know more about it. So lest get started:

What is Terminal Reader App?

This is a web application with the intention of providing a different way of reading. Yes, you will be reading in a terminal-like application. You probably noted this button on most stories on Hackernoon:


Well, this button will direct you to the terminal reader app where the story will be loaded in the terminal.



A big community of Hackernoon writers/readers love tech and many of them are programmers/developers. While working in this field, many developers are used to using the terminal for everything. It is kind of cool to know many commands and to make the computer do what you’re telling it to do. The terminal is part of our daily duties, and so why not keep it that ways by providing a reading experience in a terminal.

The Interface

The Terminal Reader App has a terminal-like interface giving it a classic touch for our readers. This app functions just like a regular terminal where you can type in commands and expect an output. When computers were first invented, there was only a terminal to receive input and provide an output. There were no fancy-looking applications; this served as one of the main reasons to create this app.


The Commands

All terminals work with commands. This application is no different. To have a list of all the commands provided, simply type “help” and a list and description of the commands will show up.


This application is in the early stages, and will probably have further improvements. If you find a bug or find a way to hack it, please do not hesitate to let us know. We encourage you to play with this app and to provide feedback. By the way, if you do hack it, we will consider your application as a developer.