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Detail Card Views, Improved Campaign & Product Setup & More


Over the past week, we’ve been hard at work improving to the ELIX web portal. If you haven’t already, sign up for the ELIX web portal here.

Detail Cards Video Demo

Detail cards now show when clicking on Products and Campaigns in the dashboard. For products, you can now see important information about the product like title, tagline, category, description and all three images. Check out the demo video below:

Also, creators can now add up to 3 detail photos and a video when creating products and campaigns.

We’ve also added taglines when setting up products and campaigns:

In addition, we’ve clarified dialogues for shipping information for both products and rewards. Now, creators can opt to contact backers and work out shipping individually, giving additional flexibility to everyone.

Creators can opt to contact backers or buyers individually

Over the past week, we released three new blog articles on the ELIX blog. The ELIX Blog follows crowdfunding, blockchain and technology trends and contains lots of tutorials about ELIX. Check out our most recent blog posts below:

5 Ways Crowdfunding And E-commerce Compliment Each Other

This article covers why crowdfunding and e-commerce go together. Click on the image below to read the article.

How To Fund Your Next Business With A Crowdlending Smart Contract

This article covers the basics of Ethereum smart contracts and how they could be used to represent and distribute tokenized equity in companies.

How Blockchain Will Democratize Fundraising For Entrepreneurs And Investors

This article covers token offerings in which equity for a future company is being offered, and why such offerings benefit entrepreneurs by providing better rates and deals in general.

Check the ELIX blog for other interesting articles about crowdfunding, technology and blockchain trends.

We also recently released a tutorial for creating a project with ELIX. Click on the image below to get started:

That’s all for this week! Sign up for ELIX and stay tuned for new updates and features.

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