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Design Report — November 2017

Back in August I decided to challenge my UI/UX design skills and put aside at least 2–3 hours every week to work on personal projects. The goal of this experiment is to try out new techniques, plugins, prototyping tools and solve design challenges I’m interested in.

November was an incredible month from work perspective. In terms of client-work this month was the busiest throughout the year, so it was a real hustle to find time for my personal projects as well.

This article is a collection of my design work created in November 2017 combined with my favorite design inspirations.

iPhone X Web Navigation Idea


I published the iPhone X Web Navigation Idea first on Dribbble back in October. Since I saw a huge interest towards this post, I decided to write a more detailed article about my workflow and thoughts on this concept.

You can read my Medium article here:

Within a couple days the article got featured in the Muzli Design Inspirations publication and also in one of the best design newsletter, in the the Sidebar.io as well.

The article also got retweeted by amazing people and teams on Twitter, like the HeyDesigner or ZURB.

Until today, more than 26.000 people read the article, giving 6.800 claps in total. Hands down this was the most successful article I’ve ever written and I’m super grateful for everyone who liked/shared/commented this story.

This is definitely the best motivation to keep writing and sharing my design methods & workflows.

Brand Identity Guidelines 2.0 — Dark Mode


I released the new Brand Identity Guidelines 2.0 in October and a couple people asked me to create a Dark Edition version as well.

I’m experimenting with different Dark Edition versions at the moment, but until then be sure to download the Light Edition for free. 👊

Looper Wallpapers — Dark Edition


After the amazing responses I got for the original Looper Wallpapers, I decided to create a new, Dark Edition as well.

Thanks to the Super Retina (OLED) Display of the iPhone X, the dark background and the colorful patterns will look amazing on the new iPhone X devices. 🎉

You can grab the wallpapers for free (Sketch file included), just put ‘0’ as a price or pay whatever you want. :)

News App Concept


I finished November experimenting with a News App Concept, which will be the basis of further prototyping concepts in January.

For me a great news app enables me to quickly browse through the top and most recent news ensuring I never miss anything important.

For discovering new content I usually use my phone, but most of the time instead of reading the article on my phone, I just simply mark and save it for later, so I can read it on my iPad or Mac in a more comfortable way. 📖

I’m really excited to play around a lot more with customizable typographic and reading experiences within a news app.

See you in a month 👋

I hope you learned something from this article and got pumped up with new design inspirations.

Every clap, share, tweet and response is a huge motivation for me to keep writing and share more behind the scenes techniques with you!

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