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Deploying a Website [The Easy Way Out]

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@unnati-mishraUnnati Mishra

cout<<"Front End Designer";

Here are few steps that you have to take to deploy a website on Netlify using your Github Repository -

  • Install Git Bash on your system.
  • Make a separate folder of your website files on Desktop.
  • Open your Github and Create a repository with some name and then leave it.
  • Open Command Prompt ;
  • Type the following commands
  • cd Desktop
    cd { your folder name }
    git init               (For initialising a folder named git in your folder)
    git add .            ( To add all your files to that folder)
    git status          (To check whether the files are uploaded or not)

  • Open Github , in the first page that opens after you created the repository; find this line -
    git commit -m "first commit"
    . Or look at the cover picture of the blog.
  • *Copy the next two lines one by one .(Make sure that https is selected in the Quick Setup Bar)
  • *Refresh the page and you will get all your files.
  • *Login on Netlify and Select your Github repository.
  • *Click on Deploy. Now your website is deployed.

*You can also change your site name by clicking on change site name.

Hurray! now you have deployed your website :)


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