DeFiChain to Promote Crypto Adoption through National Fighting Championship Sponsorshipby@ishanpandey

DeFiChain to Promote Crypto Adoption through National Fighting Championship Sponsorship

by Ishan PandeyMarch 10th, 2023
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The National Fighting Championship (NFC) is the biggest mixed martial arts league in Germany. DeFiChain will sponsor five of the six events this year, including NFC 13 in Westfalenhallen Dortmund, NFC 14 in Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf, NFC 15 in Telekom Dome Bonn, and NFC 16 in Showpalast Munich.

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DeFiChain announces sponsorship of Germany's National Fighting Championship

Sports are an integral part of German culture, with football being the most popular sport in the country. However, there is a growing interest in mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting among crypto users and developers, according to a market research conducted by DeFiChain. In light of this trend, DeFiChain, a blockchain platform on the Bitcoin network, has announced that it will be sponsoring the National Fighting Championship (NFC) in Germany this year.

The NFC is the biggest MMA league in Germany and is responsible for organizing six live events this year, each of which will attract thousands of fans both onsite and through television broadcasts. By sponsoring the NFC, DeFiChain will gain significant exposure to the German market and attract more crypto-curious people to its platform.

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As part of the sponsorship deal, DeFiChain will sponsor five of the six events this year and offer a "Fighter Of The Night Bonus" for the best fight of the evening. The fighters will be paid directly in DFI in their Wallet, allowing them to spend it however they want or use it to invest in dStocks or liquidity mining on DeFiChain to earn more rewards.

Benedikt Keck, Project Lead NFC Sponsoring at DeFiChain, expressed his excitement about the partnership and said that the company's community is looking forward to being part of the fantastic fighting community. Michael Ortlepp, Managing Director of the NFC organizer Fighting GmbH, expressed his joy and privilege at partnering with DeFiChain, adding that both NFC and DeFiChain share the same values and goals and are made for a great partnership that will have a lasting effect on the German MMA scene.

DeFiChain is a fully decentralized blockchain platform with on-chain governance that offers liquidity mining, staking, decentralized assets, and decentralized loans. The sponsorship deal with the NFC is a positive development for DeFiChain, as it allows the company to increase its visibility and attract new users and developers to its platform. With its growing community base in the German market and a strong partnership with one of the biggest MMA leagues in the country, DeFiChain is well-positioned to achieve its goal of bringing decentralized financial services to everyone.

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