DeFi Lacked Cohesion and Automation - Until Nowby@cyberfi
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DeFi Lacked Cohesion and Automation - Until Now

by CyberFiDecember 25th, 2020
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DeFi Lacked Cohesion and Automation - Until Now - until now, we're building a multi-product ecosystem of automation products enhancing the DeFi experience. CyberFi wraps all of these features into a single platform that helps eliminate pain points and increases user flexibility at the same time. It delivers on that idea by incorporating three major features: order triggers based on price divergence indicators (PDI) and best trade value (BTV) and risk mitigation (PDICS) CyberFi traders can create conditional smart orders based on PDI change speed to limit losses or capitalize on sudden gains.

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This year, the decentralized finance (DeFi) market has grown at an astounding pace. And that makes sense because DeFi is finally providing viable use cases for cryptocurrencies beyond being a speculative value storage.

One by one, new DeFi projects have evolved to serve new financial needs and to provide a real alternative to traditional financial vehicles and markets.

There's a major problem lurking in DeFi, though, and it's one that should be obvious to anyone familiar with the current landscape. In fact, the problem is right in the name: it's decentralized.

This means much of the DeFi ecosystem lacks any kind of common infrastructure, creating numerous barriers to entry, and unnecessary complexity. If left unchecked, it's a problem that could stifle DeFi innovation, and delay what should be the future of global finance.

But not if we have anything to say about it. We at CyberFi want to help eliminate those barriers and give DEX users a set of platform-agnostic automation tools to help them unleash the full potential of DeFi. Here's how.

Intelligent Automation for the DeFi Future

If you ask anyone who's involved with more than one DeFi project (or who now relies on a DEX to perform asset swaps) what their biggest problem is, you're likely to get one of a small handful of answers:

  • A disjointed UX created by the need to use multiple platforms at once
  • Difficulty managing their portfolio and calculating gains
  • Difficulty tracking the ever-changing gas fees
  • Keeping ahead of LP token volatility
  • Staying protected from scams and rug-pulling

If you boil those problems down, they all come back to a single major issue. An inability to easily manage multiple platforms at once. And that's a direct result of the decentralization that makes DeFi so attractive in the first place.

What's needed is a way for users to stitch disconnected DeFi platforms and services together into a single, coherent UX that leverages the latest in intelligent automation to tame the DeFi beast. And that's the point of CyberFi.

What CyberFi Does

The heart of the CyberFi concept of DeFi Automation. One of the first steps in achieving this grand challenge is bringing over CEX functionality to DEXs and AMMs – erasing the last major hurdle preventing CEX users from embracing DEXs. It delivers on that idea by incorporating three major features:

1. PDI and BTV-Based Order Triggers

The CyberFi trading platform lets traders set order triggers based on price divergence indicators (PDI) provided by oracles and best trade value (BTV). This is determined by applying a total trade cost formula to automatically search multiple exchanges for the most advantageous asset price.

2. Risk Mitigation Automation

Price volatility in the DeFi space remains one of the biggest threats to the average investor, with sudden price surges and flash crashes creating and destroying wealth, often in mere moments.

Right now, the only defense investors have against that volatility is remaining hyper-vigilant and manually placing risk-limiting orders as fast as they can.

To simplify things, CyberFi traders can create conditional smart orders based on PDI change speed (PDICS) to limit losses or capitalize on sudden gains. That way, they can rest easy that they'll never wake up to massive losses when a flash crash strikes one of their open positions.

3. Data Analytics Features

We here at CyberFi are also working with prominent DeFi players to create new data analytics models to give our traders the most useful and up-to-date insight on the DeFi market. It's something that's been notably absent from other DEXs, which puts traders at a disadvantage and forces them into multiplatform research that's difficult at best.

And CyberFi wraps all of these features up into a single trading platform that helps eliminate pain points and increases user flexibility at the same time.

A Future-Focused Solution

To top it all off, we're building CyberFi to make cross-chain automation not only possible, but simple to use. That's because some of the best and brightest new DeFi projects are popping up outside of the Ethereum blockchain and that's harming their visibility and accessibility to DeFi users.

So, we're building in compatibility with the BSC, Solana, COSMOS, Polkadot, and other blockchains to enable complex cross-chain automated transactions.

Users can then access wrapped or other cross-chain tokens to transact on any of the supported blockchains and convert their assets back to their preferred chain in one, swift automated trade package.

It's a function that aims to break down the barriers that already exist in the DeFi space and encourage the kind of interoperability that the whole ecosystem needs to keep thriving.

A Launch In-Progress

Don’t get us wrong, we still have a long way to go to reach the level of functionality we've envisioned for the CyberFi platform, but we're getting closer every day.

And as a part of that, we've just begun a BETA event to allow more users early access to our platform. It'll give those users the chance to test-drive our system and have a voice in ongoing development.

On Wednesday, December 23rd, we launched the CyberFi's Staking platform to provide users with a way to earn some interest on their holdings as we continue to develop and grow.

And judging by what's been achieved so far, we expect the path to that growth to be a short and successful one.

We're excited to give users a new way to make the most out of the DeFi revolution, and we look forward to the chance to help fulfill their vast potential. And of course, all are welcome to come with us.

You can get the $CFI token on Uniswap. Stay in touch with the latest CyberFi updates on our Discord, Telegram or Medium channels.