Deeper Network's Connect And IDO Launch: the Latest News by@elizabeth-levine

Deeper Network's Connect And IDO Launch: the Latest News

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Deeper Network, which is building the decentralized internet infrastructure for Web 3.0, has broken Indiegogo records by raising over $1 million and became the most successful blockchain project in the history of the crowdfunding platform.

The crowdfunder launched Deeper Network’s Deeper Connect Mini, a portable plug-and-play device that provides complete online privacy protection for all of its users. Deeper Connect is the company’s flagship product; a decentralized private network (DPN) and layer 7 firewall which provides users with complete peace of mind when browsing online.

The DPN is a new concept in personal online protection: a distributed Virtual Private Network (VPN), eliminating the centralized point of weakness which threatens standard VPNs.

Deeper Network’s Deeper Connect is serverless and decentralized, meaning that users’ data can never be logged, leaked, hacked, or subpoenaed. Major features of the Deeper Connect Mini include:

  • No centralized servers or single point of weakness
  • Best in class encryption and security
  • A democratic internet experience that ensures net neutrality and censorship resistance
  • High-speed connectivity with zero bottlenecks

The best-selling product is available for sale on Amazon, Best Buy, and Indiegogo with over 10,000 units now purchased.

The blockchain firm further boosted its profile this year as the recipient of Polkadot’s Substrate builder’s Web 3 grant, awarded to the company so it can build critical infrastructure related to the Substrate of the Polkadot ecosystem. Following on from these successes, Deeper Network has announced that its long-awaited IDO is set to take place later this month.

The IDO will be staggered across four independent platforms over the course of a week in order to maximize the opportunity for participation. The first event will occur on Flybit on March 22nd (Monday).

The next event will be held at Ignition on March 23rd (Tuesday), with Poolz and Duckstarter each taking place on the 25th (Thursday) and 26th (Friday) respectively. 

The IDO will give valued community members an opportunity to get in on the ground-floor and claim an allocation of the network’s native DPR token. DPR is the lifeblood of the Deeper Network, designed for economic incentivization and for micropayments and services.

The initial token price will be set at $0.015 with 100 million tokens across the launch platforms. In total, the company is looking to raise $5 million, with round two public sale to be announced at a later date.

Company CEO Russell Liu said:

“Our upcoming IDO is the culmination of a hugely successful period at Deeper Network which has seen us win major industry awards and smash sales records for the blockchain industry. Now we are set to take on our biggest challenge yet; building the infrastructure which will create a fairer, freer, and more democratic internet. With the help of our loyal community, we will pave the way towards the next generation of the internet; Web 3.0.”
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