Decentralized Storage Networks — An Explainerby@aishat
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Decentralized Storage Networks — An Explainer

May 24th 2022
by @aishat 697 reads
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A decentralized storage network is a p2p network of computers cooperating to provide storage capacity. DSNs aim to solve challenges inherent with traditional cloud storage and they are the foundation on which the future web #web3 is being built. DSNs are facilitating an iteration of the web that is more secure, persistent, open and robust. This new iteration, #web 3.0, fosters the sharing of computing, information and economical resources. DSNs that will thrive and gain popularity are those that provide resilient, highly available storage rewarding to storage providers and end users. There would be more need for predictable costs of storage in DSNs and we would probably witness more adoption of stable crypto-currencies in these networks. In the next few years, there would be more projects that abstract away the technicalities from users, such that DSN solutions feel as seamless as the popular cloud storage of today.

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