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Dear Substack Writers Who've Been Approached by TechBullion

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TechBullion.com has a budget for approaching authors on Substack.


Hey! TechBullion! I just gave you a wonderful, higher-ranking dofollow than the ones you're offering to people! Congrats!

Seriously, read on.

This is the first automail I'd ignored:


When they hit me with a 2nd one, I answered just to see what the vig on this action was:


Ok... you ready for this?


What angers me most is that the offer and pricepoint mean that some beleaguered, under-represented writers out there are falling for this trap and literally handing over money for... well, here's my drafted reply that I've decided to just write here on Hacker Noon, as an open letter for people in this predicament:

In this other automated mail from you folks it mentions 'promotion to a social audience of over 10 million'.

Can you elaborate on that?

Is this social reach included in this DIY package?

Can you provide actionable stats like clickthroughs and conversion ratios? Does the package support me enabling remarketing through GTM or FB pixel?

I'm already a published author on Hacker Noon, having been moderated by their editorial team, and successfully publishing 45 stories there - many with dofollow links. Their alexa siterank is a full 60 000 ahead of techbullion's.

They publish me for free, a half dozen times so far putting my stories on the front page, and even entering me in the running for three of Hacker Noon's annual Noonies awards... 

I won first in Trading, and came 2nd place in both Automation and Mental Health Advocate of the Year.

They have the automation in place to Tweet my stories and @ tag me three times during the course of the social promotion campaign, sometimes an additional hand-written tweet from their lead blockchain editor and big wig bizdev guy, Utsav.

Hacker Noon even shares some of their monetization with me for great content I contribute.

Let alone, the countless leads I still get regularly in my inbox, from evergreen content I wrote for Hacker Noon, years ago.

(Medium also lets me publish for free, and I'm in a half dozen publications, driving me even more leads - and I don't lie when I say I charge $2000 for 20 hour's work, upfront, and usually end up charging more to complete the scope of the project - from easy-peasey short pieces like this one.)

 I've been approached by countless publishers to pitch a featured (paid) piece. I've done far more as an authority in this space for up-and-coming crypto projects, who paid me a decent sum to get their name out there on some of the publications I work with, as well as my personal email list.
Can you tell me what exact benefits I, myself, personally, would receive from this DIY package that I can't do better - for free, or even by being paid myself - elsewhere?

Remember, always always DYOR.


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