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Dear Hackers, Entrepreneurs, + Outright Creators…don’t let them fool you

Dear entrepreneurs,

I write this letter to you from a humbled place. This is probably the wrong word to use, but it’s authentic so I’ll use it. Inspired.

I’ve been inspired by the journeys that entrepreneurs take — to translate their ideas into reality. To forge ahead on uncertain roads, to fail and try to fail faster the next time. All in the hopes that creation reigns supreme.

With that being said, there is also an element that pains my heart. Sometimes you’re faced with conceptual challenges like designing your brand. Other times there are more tactical problems like using Facebook to convert website clicks into customers.

However, despite the wide range of challenges you face I haven’t seen anything that really, truly helps. I mean sure, you may surmount what the challenge was but did anything show you how to approach things moving forward?

How to think about thinking instead of what to think about. For too long society has given us the mental frames to work within. Now I think it’s time to have those same frames work for us.

The resources out there in the ethos for entrepreneurs are bittersweet. There’s information porn like Shark Tank that looks good but might not offer any real value. There’s YouTube interviews that talk about being passionate but not about connecting passion to expertise.

So I write this for three reasons. [1] to honor you entrepreneurs and your journey. [2] to let you know that we’d like to build a platform for entrepreneurs that fills in these resource gaps, that helps you get personalized expertise to grow your mind and evolve your business.

But we’d never want to make something that people who would use it weren’t a part of. Finally, [3] I want to know your entrepreneurial story and what problems you really want to know how to solve for your business or even business idea.

Screw the common method — if you’re up for helping us on this journey and having a conversation just send me a text or a call at (704) 299–9873. Let’s get personal with it and have a good phone convo about your journey and the resources that would help you the best as you forge ahead. Again, I want to humbly honor you and thank you.

Them Digits: (704) 299–9873

With Honor,

David V. Hunt

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