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[Day 8] Zero to MVP in 30 Days — Rethinking UX

In this series I’ll validate a new idea. Read about the concept here (Day 0) and the idea here (Day 1).

Without having a particularly precise to-do list for today, I started working on the app. That approach is a mistake, at least for me.

It is way harder to always go in the right direction when do don’t know where you’re going. As no one can predict the future, it’s impossible to go in straight lines, but if you even have a target, you might just run in circles. The better you define where you want to be, the easier it is to get there.

I already started coding, some details in high detail, but I don’t even know how the app should feel like. I only created some wireframes. This move-fast-MVP-approach might have gotten me running too fast, or I might just not be used to it. I don’t know.

It’s important to reflect often and see the big picture
I have no idea where this image is stolen from

From now on, I’ll make sure not just to go from day to day, but to revisit the 30 day plan every day.

The UX-phase of the app is far from being finished. I guess it’s good to spend more time on that then originally thought.

The plan for tomorrow

This get’s boring. Same as yesterday. Wait, I wanted to define this more accurately. Tomorrows prospecting will be towards Content Marketing Agencies. 1 hour on that.

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