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[Day 12] Zero to MVP in 30 Days — Reflecting & Planning

I don’t know what to write about today, so I’ll use this space to discuss some ideas.

In this series I’ll validate a new idea. Read about the concept here (Day 0) and the idea here (Day 1).

Today I wrote some emails, but way less than I should have. I also worked on the app a little. It’s still a long way.

So, since I’m out of ideas for this series — at least for now — I’ll write down some ideas for future posts.

  • What does MVP mean afterall?
  • Minimum Viable Marketing
  • Minimum Viable SEO/email marketing/really anything
  • Minimum Viable Code Quality
    If you don’t think about the future, or think that the odds of a project to succeed are low, and want to move at the highest possible speed, does your code need to be of any quality?
  • My Journey with new frameworks (antd, Electron, …)

If you want to know details about any aspect of this project, just tell me at mvp at emilbruckner com.

Sorry for this being so short. If you want to use findbetterquestions.com, sign up here:

The plan for tomorrow

Email & Code

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