dApp Development With Michael Vandeberg: An Interview by@andrarchy

dApp Development With Michael Vandeberg: An Interview

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Andrew Levine

CEO of Koinos Group, creators of the Koinos blockchain

I’m Andrew Levine, the CEO of Koinos Group, where we’re developing the Koinos blockchain which will have free accounts, free transfers and free smart contracts.

These features, in addition to the technical innovations that will make Koinos the most upgradeable and the most scalable smart contracts platform in the world, will enable developers to build amazing decentralized applications.

But this doesn’t mean developers will be able to do whatever they want on Koinos. Koinos will still impose limitations in order to make the platform economically sustainable and to maximize user experience.

In this episode of the Koinos Group podcast, I chat with Michael Vandeberg, co-founder and blockchain architect at Koinos Group, about those limitations and how developers can begin building their Koinos applications while we are still working on the testnet and the mainnet.

Michael leverages his unparalleled experience as a decentralized application developer — having helped launch, maintain and upgrade Steem as the Senior Blockchain Engineer at Steemit — to explain how aspiring dApp developers should think about the design of their application as a whole, and in particular, what data does and does not belong on the blockchain (and in a smart contract).

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To learn more about Koinos, go to koinos.io.

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