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Daniel Jeffries, author, engineer, futurist, pro blogger and Noonies nominee

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Daniel Jeffries is Chief Technology Evangelist at Pachyderm, author, engineer, futurist and pro blogger.

In Ask Me Anything session with Hacker Noon community Daniel shared his views on AI ethics, decentralization and Machine Learning advances.

Top highlights of the discussion:

1. On the possibility to tech ethics to the AI


"Currently AI will only be as moral as its creators. In it's current form, weak AI, not AGI, it has no will/consciousness of its own and therefor its entirely up to us to decide how we want to use at as individuals and as a society."

2. Which social networks have excelled in decentralized governance?


"I have not seem many but Reddit is a model. The admins generally hold down subreddits + enforce their moral code on that particular part of the net. Governance is relative and not universal, as much as we like to believe it is. Wikipedia is another semi-decentralized governance."

3. How will AI alter in the next 30 years?


"It will have more advanced development tools around it and it will end up in nearly every software application on Earth as human augmentation. It will also take over a number of tasks we used to do by hand. In many ways it will be our interface to software and the world."

4. Top 5 books on Artificial Intelligence


* Deep Learning in Python by @fchollet
* Math Notation by Scheinerman
* Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, + TensorFlow by Geron
* Deep Learning for Coders with fastai + PyTorch by Howard
* Generative Deep Learning by Foster

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