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Curation and Discovery for Developer Tools + Resources

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@aashaysanghviAashay Sanghvi

One of the biggest roadblocks junior developers face is picking the right tools for the job. What node packages should I be using? How should I deploy this application? I’m finding five different answers to my question on Stack Overflow, but which one is correct?

I’m particularly curious in finding out what most teams are using today to solve their engineering and specifically programming challenges. Apart from GitHub and Stack Overflow (both of which I think are marvelous communities), what are they using to find the best tools for the job?

This question breaks down a few ways for me:

Where can I find curated lists for developer tools and resources? How can these lists stay updated with an ever expanding list of choices?

Here are a few I’ve found:

Is there a way to solve discovery for these resources? With so many options, how do I narrow down and find the best tools for me and what I’m working on?

Is curation and discovery solved in the text editor or externally?

Take a look at Kite:

Can online hacker communities morph to become even more social in nature? An analogy could be a ‘Waze for Programming.’ Who are the best people giving me advice on my ‘programming journey?’

All these thoughts are very speculative in nature, and maybe, as I talk to more folks, I’ll learn whether developers want discovery and curation, or perhaps it’s just a problem only a few face. Additionally, I would love to hear feedback and thoughts here as I am simply curious about this space and eager to find out if anyone out there is addressing the questions I have.


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